Uplift your fashion game with 10 fashion accessories

Uplift your fashion game with 10 fashion accessories

No ensemble is complete without accessories. Think of them as the final piece to the puzzle that ties everything together. Accessories make your outfit look more cohesive and put together. They also add a personalized look that makes an outfit definitively you. If you wish to your fashion games and take it to the next level with your choice of accessories, you have to step out of your comfort zone and try your luck with something new and something that will not fade into the background; the bolder, the better.

The following are ten accessories that will help you uplift your fashion games this season. Let us get started.

1. Leather Tote

Every woman needs a good handbag. How else do you expect her to house all her essentials in one place?

You may have a collection of handbags, but everyone has a favorite that they reach out for more than the others.

A universal favorite, however, has to be a tote. Totes are the perfect handbag for everyday use. They are spacious and stylish yet compact and comfortable to carry. Whether it is a day at the office or a day of running errands, a tote bag always gets the job done. You can toss in your wallet, phone, charger, notebook, makeup, sanitizer, and maybe even your tablet in there. Tote bags are just great, period.

Our favorite from a selection of totes has to be a statement leather tote bag. Leather never fails to make an impression on others, plus it is supremely versatile. You can carry one with just about anything from a suit to a dress.

Leather bags for women come in an array of styles. Find a statement leather your fashion games that vibes with your style aesthetic to amp up your style in a heartbeat.

2. Chunky Necklace

Necklaces never fail to elevate any look. They adorn your outfits and make them look and feel just a little more special.

Necklaces come in a variety of stylesranging from dainty and minimal to bold and extravagant. If you wish to make a lasting impression with your outfit, we recommend inclining towards the chunkier end of the spectrum.

Chunky necklaces are not for the faint of heart. They are bold, in your face, and stunning. But that is precisely what makes them so unique. You could be wearing a plain tee and jeans. Throw a chunky necklace on top, and you have an outfit taken off a Pinterest pinboard. Turn any basic outfit into a banger with a chunky necklace.

3. Statement Watch

A watch is more than a necessity; it is an essential accessory. A good watch speaks for itself and trumps any other piece of arm candy, be it a dainty bracelet or a chunky cuff. If there is a practical and classy way to accessorize and amp up your look simultaneously, it is with a statement watch.

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We recommend opting for a leather strap watch for casual wear as it is versatile, comfortable, and fits the casual aesthetic beautifully.

For formal and professional gatherings, nothing works better than a metal strap watch. You can get creative with your watch’s metal bracelet. You can opt for a gold, silver, platinum, or rose gold strap; try out different adornments and dial styles; the options are endless.

Watches are pricey, but they are timeless (pun intended).A good metal strap watch outshines jewelry. Needless to say, the investment is worth it.

4. Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a criminally underrated accessory. If you are not one for accessorizing like crazy, sunglasses are the ultimate essential accessory for you.

Sunglasses are not only fashionable; they are super practical as well. Your eyes are sensitive and thus require protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Every woman needs a statement pair of sunnies that frame her face effortlessly and elevateher look from boring to stunning in a heartbeat. The current trends are very accepting of all sunglass styles. Whether you are one for big oversized frames, vintage-inspired numbers, or the 90s comeback inspired skinny colored glasses; everything is hot right now.

A frame style that flatters pretty much anyone and everyone are aviators. Be it a pair of aviator sunglasses or simple aviator inspired glasses; they look good on just about everyone.

However, oversized D-frames look just as fantastic. Their chunky frame is perfect for throwing on days when you do not wish to put on anything and just head out the door. They are super trendy and chic yet give off a retro-inspired look making them all the more interesting.

It is best to opt for a frame with a black, brown, tortoiseshell, or clear frame as they guarantee the most versatility.

5. Silk Scarf

Scarves make excellent accessories simply because you can style them in so many ways. Wrap them around your neck, your hair, your bag, or even wear them as a belt if it fits your fancy. If you are sporting a simple outfit and want to make it unique, the easiest way to do so is with a scarf.

Scarves come in all fabrics imaginable. Cashmere, cotton, fur; you name it. The most pristine-looking of the lot, however, is the classic silk scarf.

Silk screams posh sophistication. It is easy to style, it looks fancy, and it is supremely comfortable; what’s not to love about it? Opt for one with vibrant prints, abstract patterns, and bold colors as they make for standout pieces.

6. Bejeweled Clutch

Formal events call for a little more effort and sparkle. We love our everyday handbags, yes. But for special days, you have to pull out your favorite clutch, and not just any clutch, a bejeweled one.

Bejeweled bags scream expensive. Maybe it is the sparkle, maybe it is the gleaming metallic accents, or maybe it is the added dose of bling that makes them so stunning; whatever it is, we are here for it.

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A bejeweled clutch is the perfect accessory to sport if you are wearing a somewhat simple outfit as it will add just the right amount of glam to your ensemble.

If clutches do not fit your vibe, try ring bearer bags. These fabulous circular metal handled bags look ultra-chic, super fresh, and incredibly high fashion.

7. Hoop Earrings

Thanks to the much-needed comeback of 90s fashion, hoop earrings are back, and they are better than ever. Simple yet oh so statement, nothing screams sass like a good old pair of hoop earrings.

Gold hoops are the hot item of the season. No matter your style preference, hoops are loved by everyone across the board. The only rule with hoops you must follow is keeping it easy, breezy, and simple. You could opt for a big skinny hoop or something bolder and chunkier; there is a sea of options to choose from. Hoops have never been more creative or more stunning than they are now.

8. Mismatched Earrings

Another hit this season is mismatched earrings. Mismatched earrings are different and fresh. They give off a relaxed and no fuss vibe that we are all here for. What we love most about this trend is that it allows you to be creative and innovative with your pairings.

We recommend similar pieces that complement one another but come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

9. Signature Belt

Belts are supremely underrated. Belts are super versatile as you can wear them with anything from pants to dresses to skirts. They add structure to your ensemble and give it a little extra pizzazz. Make your outfits more harmonious and presentable with a signature belt. Pair them with matching shoes, and you are good to go.

With belts, you can play with an array of options. Skinny belts look great with just about everything. Chunky belts work best with oversized dresses and knitwear. You can opt for something minimal like a simple leather strap number or a bold and beautiful embellished belt that can dress up a simple outfit.

10. Berets

Get a taste of Parisian grandeur with the favorite hat of the season: the classic French beret. Berets are just so effortlessly unique and chic to carry. They are classier than beanies yet more relaxed than fedoras.

An amalgamation of all things simple and sophisticated, a beret is an ultimate way to your fashion games, it adds a fun twist to an otherwise average ensemble.

Parting Thoughts

Accessories are perhaps the easiest way to uplift your fashion games. They are easy to style and super versatile. The best part about them is that you get the freedom to be creative with them.

There are no rules in your fashion games. Styling accessories with your personal touch is the ultimate way to take your aesthetic to the next level. Be sure to have these ten accessories in your arsenal this season.


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