5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

Source: Outfit Trends

As the summer sets, we all are love struck by the curvy waves of the beach. And as we set up our closet to prepare for the beach parties, here are some amazing beach outfit ideas to inspire you to flaunt this summer.

1.High Waist Shorts and Bikini Top / Off-Shoulder Crop top: Nothing emits true beachy vibes better than shorts. It is comfortable bottom wear that you can flaunt in the beach sand and easily cover up with after a dip. There are various ways of styling your beach day with simple shorts. You can go for the usual types of denim with cuts and a high waist or look for other high waist shorts for the day. You can match them with your bold and colorful bikini tops that compliment the seasonal trend. You can pair up with neon colors or amazing beachy patterns to add to the look.

Alternatively, you can use a nice off-shoulder top to go with your shorts and wear this above your bikini top. This gives the sexy peek of your bikini without revealing too much.  Look for simple sling bags to include in your look. These are useful as well as an amazing way of completing the outfit. Pair up with a sexy choice of a visor and a straw hat to give a mixture of the sporty and classy look. You can add an oversized belt or some bracelets to look ecstatic and beach ready.

2.Maxi dresses and Embellished bags: While the summer sun dazzles your skin, a flowy maxi dress is all that you need to glam up any beach party. You can choose a breezy style and cut or go for an oversized choice to make sure it is easy and elegant. Maxi dresses are a fine blend of gorgeousness and sophistication, and gathering the right look becomes easier with such amazing pieces in place. Go for beautiful summer colors that pop your outfit. Choose colors like yellow, orange, or move to a more pastel and calmer colors if you like. Look for tassels, bows, laces to add some drama to your dress.

5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

Source: Outfit Trends

Accessorizing is an essential component to make sure this simple dress looks outstanding. Start with a simple embellished bag or sling bag to go with the dress. Top it with a beautiful summer hat, glares, and some long beads for your neck. You can try matching plain colors with gorgeous sandals or choose flip flops instead if you feel they would be more comfortable. Similarly, you can also go for oversized wrap dresses that will be extremely elegant to carry at your party. It will also become easy to wrap if you go swimming and help you style up elegantly.

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3. Coverups:  If you would like to flaunt your sexy swim gear or one piece, then a cover-up is all you need. This way you can stay in your fashion and play the game both while you go for a dip as well as when you are soaking under the sun. You can choose between a lengthy cover-up or a short one based on how you would like your swimwear to peek out.  If you like a one-piece swimwear, then elements such as tunics, shrugs, kaftans, or cotton Kurtis as the best way to bring out a perfect outfit. You can go for lace or translucent materials to make the look sexier. These covers ups can also work out well for two-piece bikini sets. Long cover-ups with high slits will let you flaunt your sun-kissed legs flawlessly.  Walking with such an elegant outfit with a lovely glass of Compass Box would be like a beach dream.

5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

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You can also go for sarongs and embroidered jackets. Sarongs are the most cliché part of any beach wear that is styled in multiple ways to create amazing looks. Go for platform heels or flip flops to look effortless and sporty. Boho patterns is a great alternate embedding in these cover-ups to bring out the summer vibe. Do not forget your eyewear and sunscreen to enjoy an amazing beach party.

4. Cut out rompers and Beach Hats: Like the cutouts of swimwear make them stylish and sexy, cut out rompers also make a great choice for beach parties. The outfit is unique, gorgeous, and most of all, comfortable.  The outfit will look easy and relaxing, and you can layer it well to create different looks throughout the party. You can start with a simple scarf or headband to compliment the colors and designs in your romper. Look for pom-poms, tassels, as they make the look more breezy. You can add a statement necklace or string of pearls around your neck to accentuate deep neck patterns.

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5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

Source: Helen Hookway

Work with bold and flashy eyewear preferably goggles and add statement earrings, such as loops to go with the entire look. Add a waist belt and a comfortable pair of sneakers or crocs, and you are ready to create a classy beach party look. You can also layer with a long denim shirt or a white shirt to create a more casual look.

5.Wide-legged pants and Bodysuits or camisoles: Wide-legged pants are the best choice for those who would like to enjoy the party whilst staying away from the waters. It makes a great outfit to snap some amazing photographs and is also easy to carry. Pairing a high waist wide legged pants can be easy. You can go for knotted crop tops, deep neck casual blouses, bralettes or choose a simple camisole to go with it. You can skip these tops all together and flaunt your bikini top if you would like to keep it simple. You can add a couple of accessories such as large earrings, bold belts, and sling bags to this look.

5 Trendy Dresses to Wear in Beach Parties

Source: MyDomaine

Bodysuits are yet another choice to pair with wide legged trousers. This will give an effortlessly chic vibe all over. You can pair with layered necklaces, beach hats, glares, and a simple updo for your hair to look outstanding. You can add in a straw tote to the look if you would like it to be a beach picnic style. Add a pair of comfortable sandals or wedges, and you are ready to rock the waves.

Skirts are also a flowy and awesome idea to create a chic outfit for your beach parties. Try these ideas to rock your beach party looks this summer.

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