Now you will probably have well understood the nature and effects of the service introduced by the UKGC. In this post you will get information about IGAMING Sites.

Unfortunately you could read this article after taking part in the gamstop program, and you are looking for a solution.

As noted above, to overcome a system that is too strict a single working option has been found: JOINING A CASINOS NOT ON GAMSTOP.

Below everything you need to know to get back to gambling safely.

What are IGAMING Sites Not Covered by GAMSTOP?

As has already been mentioned, the new introduced service creates a discrepancy difficult to explain between the services that take part to the net gamstop and those that do not.

Maybe you are a UK online player who happened to make a rash decision and register with gamstop, and now you are scared that you will have no place to gamble again.

Lukily, the great side of this controvertial situation is that there is a way to get back to playing casino games on websites not covered by gamstop, that is, international online casinos that accept gamblers from United Kingdom.

All the players that join the self-exclusion scheme who want to spin the slot reels again have to move to a casino that is licenced outside the Great Britain.

Online casino not on gamstop, are simply online casinos that hold a different licence than the United Kingdom Gambling Commission one.

It is time to prepare the gambling luggage for a fantastic trip to the slot rooms of Malta, Panama and the world’s tax havens.

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Practically, these casinos are just regular online casinos available for players all across Europe and the rest of the world, not also for you.

Out of the main gambling niches online, casinos that are not registered with gamstop are the easiest to come by, there is a very large selection.

Out there is full of opportunities and sometimes it is extremely difficult to untangle between the myriad of options.

Practically all over the world can become your slot room or your poker table. 

Based on some recent surveys on Google, casinos not on GAMSTOP is what the majority of UK players are searching for to play again after self-exclusion. Such IGAMING Sites are not registered with gamstop scheme in 2019 and 2020 and will allow UK casino bettors to play despite the program.


If you are thinking of signing up for gamstop, we hope this article helps you make an informed decision.

And if you have already registered and are looking for a solution to the mistake you made, we hope you will find valuable information about the huge world of NON-GAMSTOP casinos.

Please take in mind that gambling can leade to very negative outcomes. If you have any problem with your gambling habits STOP and don’t follow what we explained in this guide. Everything that has been written does not want to be an invitation to go back to betting for those who have serious problems. We do not want to be a reason for any trouble you might be causing yourself, your loved ones or your community. 

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Besides that, casinos not on gamstop might represent a beautiful discovery, even better than the casinos where you used to spend good times. 

The huge bonuses, promotions and variety of games available could make you forget the platforms you use licenced in the UK.

The important thing is to always play responsibly.

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