7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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We all wish to look our best while traveling. But we cannot carry an entire wardrobe every time. To pack smart for any kind of tour shows your actual style choices. For a trip, the thumb rule is to think about comfort and ease and avoid chunky, flashy stuff which will occupy space and also turn out to be uncomfortable. Also, to travel light yet stay fashionable, you need to choose outfits that can be worn in multiple ways without looking boring.

To make this easy for you, here are 7 ways to help you look stylish throughout your journey and travel experience.

1. The Comfort Factor

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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Let’s be real. We can’t wear high heels, LBD or short skirts on our journeys. The added disadvantage is we do not know sometimes how long the journey might end up being. Comfort is not about traveling in pajamas. That will look awkward and opposite to being stylish. You can opt for easy breezy comfy maxi dresses or bottom wear which can be loose-fitting pants with an elastic waistband to stay firm throughout. You can go for palazzos, yoga pants or high waist straight legged pants which looks immensely stylish if paired with the right top. Even fitness apparel can work wonders during travels. You may also want to work out and stay fit throughout your trip. Carrying a stylish gym outfit can definitely save your day. Basically, to stay comfortable is to opt for breathable clothing for journeys.

2. Layering and Opting Smooth Fabric

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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Layering does marvels to an outfit. We tend to ignore them often and underestimate its essence. Layers change the entire look into a sophisticated one. Just one chic jacket, it can be denim or leather, will make you look all dressed up and elegant. Wearing the jacket on your shoulders is quite in trend lately. Also, we never can predict the weather. To stay warm, comfortable and protected from harsh weathers carrying layers is a must. You do not need to go glittery for layering. Go for smooth fabrics which do not require ironing every now and then. Familiarize with some of the most travel-friendly and wrinkle-free fabrics to pack the best for your trip.    

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3. Pack your Favorites

We all have some favorites in our closet which we tend to pick every time. It could be a favorite top or jeans or a dress. We always wait for that right moment to flaunt it. What could be a better way than to flaunt it while traveling! Show off those favorites in your travel pictures. Whites and blacks are most commonly found colors in the wardrobe. For travels, it is preferable to choose white since it is the most versatile color well-matched with all others. A plain white tee can look incredibly stylish if paired with blue ripped denim or an A-line comfortable skirt or wide legged pants. A white jumpsuit can make you look polished and ready for a girl’s night out or a romantic getaway in the evening. It will look elegant, stylish and sexy. What else do you need!

4. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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Your shoes can say a lot about your personality. Yes! Be careful while choosing your shoes for travel. The trick is to stay comfortable but not look clumsy. We shouldn’t compromise with looking clean and chic even while traveling. And cleanliness is not only restricted to our clothes. It also includes our shoes. Sneakers should be your best friend during journeys. A white, grey or black ones can be worn which can go with all outfits. You may also pack one pair of block-heels (not high) or cute pumps for a relaxed day. Make sure none of them gives you a blister.

5. Play with Accessories

7 Ways to Keep Your Style Game High While Travelling

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If sneakers are your best friends, accessories should be your good companion too. Accessorizing a simple outfit with right jewelry, scarf, or a smart handbag can give that voguish look. These are very small details and won’t even occupy much of your suitcase space. Try out some classy looking handbags having that versatility. If you are wearing a plain colored tee or dress, opt for printed scarves with patterns to balance out the colors. Wear a nice watch along with pretty bracelets to complete the look. If you know you can pull off a hat, then do not think further. Accentuating on such small aspects always makes a huge difference to an otherwise boring outfit.     

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6. Go with the Rule of Versatility

Let’s keep the experimenting thing for another day. To play it safe while traveling, choosing the most adaptable outfits can save us anytime. Choose clothes that can easily be worn for different occasions and paired in different ways. Speaking of versatility, our conveyance also should be one that can go places without causing inconveniences in our journey. If you are an ardent bike lover and wish to travel the world in bikes, dirt bikes can prove to be a really stylish and handy way for voyaging. These are very durable and can take you anywhere. Just remember to dress up accordingly.

7. Carry Essentials

Essentials while traveling includes a water bottle, hair bands, moisturizer, healthy munching options, etc.

  • Water- to hydrate
  • Hair Bands- to secure hair anytime

Tip: Play with different hairstyles- ponytail, side braids or a messy bun

  • Moisturizer- to hydrate your skin as well
  • Healthy munching options- to avoid junk

A healthy body and glowing face would be an add on to a beautiful outfit you put together.

A style is more about understanding and exploring your choices. Elegance can shine out of even simple wear matched rightly. There are tricks to transform a simple look into a classy one. Do it right smartly!


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