6 fashion styles that are dominating the fashion clan for ages

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According to the authority on the subject, Coco Chanel, fashion may be ephemeral, but style is here to stay. If the iconic designer believes it to be true, who are we to disagree? So, we won’t…or because well, we can’t. There are timeless creations that even the fickle quality of fashion has been unable to displace.

Therefore, today, we bring you some classic style elements. Even if they land briefly in your what was I thinking? pile, don’t throw them out just yet. Keep them around to make some well-timed sartorial splashes of your own! The best part about them is that they never go out of style completely. Therefore, you won’t have to sweat about the timing either.

Here’s our take on the styles that are dominating the fashion clan for ages:

1. A vintage reminder — The tuxedo jacket

The tuxedo-style jacket has been around since 1966. It was Yves Saint Laurent who bestowed this legendary creation to the world of fashion. These days, if the LBD doesn’t enamor you, you can use the jacket as a sexy alternative to it. Sure, it may be a part of the male wardrobe, but a fashionable woman can get away with showing up in this jacket.

Choose a smart cut that fits your form, instead of a baggy something that reminds you of your dad’s old tux. Pair it with skinny pants if you want to come off as sophisticated but relaxed. Or, throw on a dress, put on some statement jewelry and slip into your stilettos. You can also wear it with this next item…

2. Goes-with-anything – The humble white t-shirt

Our closets are drowning in all kinds of tees. Yours probably contains one that sports your favorite band’s logo. Or, you may have one that announces your pick of beer. Bands can break up, and brand patronages change. But there’s something timeless about the humble white t-shirt. It’s perfect for a casual look when paired with jeans. It is also equally home when you wear it with a suit.

3. Immodest or chic? The trench coat

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It is actually both and so much more. You can wear this style icon anywhere in the world. Pull it on when going to work or wear it evening style, the trench coat doesn’t disappoint. It seems so farfetched that this look comes to us courtesy of the British soldiers. During World War I, they used Thomas Burberry’s design to keep rain drops at bay. Years later, the trench coat hasn’t just become Burberry’s signature look, it has made its way into many celebrities’ closets. From Beckham to Kerr and Rihanna, they have all experimented with its sleek and chic design.

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Aside from its immensely varied functionality, you can build many kinds of looks with your trench. Wear it over a cute dress – whether buttoned up or left open. Match it with heels or sneakers. Or, pair your trench with your favorite comfy pair of jeans and the eternal white tee!

4. A breath of air from the 60’s – the Chambray / Denim shirt

It may be safe to the point that Alain Delon, the French actor, wore the first summery chambray shirt – at least on screen. His designer may have chosen the shirt for a cool, casual look. But we bet they didn’t realize the style was going to stick around for this long.

We’d recommend following in Delon’s footsteps. Choose a perfectly fitting chambray – preferably in light blue — for yourself and wear it with leather brogues when relaxing by the sea. Always keep your style game high even when on vacation. Or, wear it with blue wash jeans and a linen blazer when returning to civilization and business as usual.

5. Straight from the jungle — Animal prints

The animal print may have grisly origins rooted in slavery and European colonialism. But we are just glad that they remained behind while those horrors went away! When Asia and Africa became British colonies in the 18th century, Europeans would bring home animal skins.

It soon set the fashionistas in the affluent circles to work. They reproduced the stripes of the zebras and the spots of the leopards on fabrics. But it wasn’t the only clothing that gained inspiration from those exotic patterns. Décor too bore the signs of animal print influence. A couple of centuries later, the same prints became synonymous with animal magnetism and sexiness. From Madonna to royalty, everybody has tried them at least once.

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You can dip a toe in this evergreen style in small doses initially. If you like how you look in them, then go crazy and add animal print accessories!

6. Leather biker jackets

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If you are a resident, you may have often seen the fashion-conscious parading around in Leather Jackets in New York. It is only because after their first appearance – on Marlon Brando’s physique – these jackets refused to leave the style arena!

Mr. Brando’s stylist found the holy trinity of all pairings when they hit upon a novel idea. They put a black leather biker jacket together with the crowd favorite white t-shirt. Then they added some fuel in the form of selvedge denim jeans. The resulting look was so hot that the wearers still fire it up!

The biker jacket met the hippy tide in the 1970s but stayed afloat. In the 1980s, the jackets were skinnier, but the style endures. Even the 1990s grunge look and the indie rocker shtick in 2000s were unable to dislodge it from our hearts.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, occasionally, you may feel that buying something expensive is a huge risk. After all, clothing trends change with seasons and even within days! You may fear that you will be left looking a bit dated.

With this list in your hands, you can say goodbye to your apprehension. The items mentioned in it have become style icons in their own right. They can easily be paired with newer designs and look equally amazing when worn in traditional style. Even if you don’t splurge on the currently in designs, you’ll want to get these staples into your cupboard!

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