10 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know

seo trends

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method with which one can draw the attention of users to their website. This helps search engines to filter relevant websites as per the keywords used by the users during the search. This method, unlike advertisements, is not paid.

The history of the best result from SEO strategy can be traced back to the ‘90s. It was started as a school project and was in a very basic stage. John Audette opened a multimedia company in which he hired Danny Sullivan who was a famous pioneer of search engine rankings. Sullivan was hired to teach Audette’s staff about the tricks to get ranked in the results of search engines. It is during one of the meetings that he coined the terms – Search Engine Optimization.

Knowing the past is always an aid for the future. With only 3 months left in 2019, it is important to reflect upon the trends of SEO marketing to update yourself if you have missed out on any.

Following are the 10 important 2019 SEO trends you need know-

  1. Optimizing Videos –

Optimizing videos is one of the very essential trends that developed this year. To get a rank for a video can be difficult. YouTube is filled with junk and it will not give your video a rank unless it is superb. Other than the video the key that YouTubers use, is that they intelligently optimize the keywords.

We can already feel videos taking over the internet be it tutorials or entertainment. A study of 2018 by Cisco has predicted that the traffic on the internet for videos will cross the percentage of 75 by the time 2021 will arrive. This means that the base of material will shift from written to optical.

2.E-A-T of Content –

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust in the guidelines given by Google for rating the quality of search. Having these three qualities can make it easier to get a rank. The people who work on the algorithm of Google rank content based on these three things along with others. Content developers have realized that one cannot get a rank if the content has no base to be worthy of trust.

3.Security –

Another field that affects the ranking of content or the website is having a secure connection. Google verifies websites based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the certificate of security. This started a few years back. It was noticed lately that several browsers including Chrome have started giving a red flag to the websites that do not begin with https link on the ground of data security of the user. This year General Data Protection Regulation by EU was enforced. This regulation provides the facility of more data security to users which earlier was easily accessible by the websites. Despite these guidelines, user data is still vulnerable and 2020 may present a better way to secure it. With this, the website gets the trust of the user and eventually traffic increases.

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4.Intent –

The intent with which the search query has been made by the user also holds great importance in the ranking of the website. All the people working on SEO formats know that keywords are the way to get filtered as per the query of the user. In the year 2019, almost everyone has done this. There are websites especially to help one figure out if the keywords are on point and all. But in 2020 the content developers need to look beyond keywords and to get ranked as per the query of the user. ‘

5.Search Through Voice –

With the growing use of the internet on mobile, voice search is something that cannot be ignored. Voice search will soon be as dominating as typed search. There was a time when people had stepped away from radio shows but now podcasts are back and are being accepted by the public with arms wide open. Brands or the websites need to work more on the optimization of voice search else they will not get a rank whereas those who have worked on voice search will get the rank. Research has shown that in 2020 more than 50 percent of queries will be made using voice search.

6.Social Media –

Social Media has a great potential to increase traffic on your website. This may not feel like something of 2019 but this has been one of the dominating parts of SEO in 2019. Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo give priority while ranking to the websites which also have social media links. Other than ranking, if your content is meant for millennials or the Gen Z generation then there is no better platform for promotion than social media. Most of the social media networks allow users to search and optimization is a great way to be a part of the search result.

7.Links –

In 2018 brands had started to abandon links. This helped the brands which did use links to get traffic. The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot mention just any random link it can affect the reputation of the brand. The link has to be relevant. The page that will follow when the link is clicked should be of good quality else user engagement may reduce. The best way to ensure quality is to develop the link yourself. Links also help when the user intent is not something that your website offers but the link does. This trend is sure to be followed in 2020 as well.

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8.Mobile Version –

The time spent and the number of people using the internet on a mobile phone is undoubtedly more than those using desktop. The mobile version of the website or the page needs to be as good as the desktop version because Google uses it to give the rank. This process of filtration or ranking is called mobile-first indexing. The process was started by Google in March in the year 2018. Thus, having a command on mobile SEO can be boastful.

9.User Experience –

User Experience, called UX, in short, is the major factor on which the user decides to continue the visit. The speed of the page has to be good and smooth because without it there can be no survival on the internet. If your page can load within three seconds then only you stand a chance to be ranked. To help creators ensure this, Google offers a free speed test. UX also implies that the page should not have any technical issue and should be user-friendly.

10.Google SERP –

SERP means Search Engine Result Page. It has been one of the huge changes in SEO in 2019. This result does not only depend on the keywords used by the website or the brand but also the information of the user like previous search and generally browsed content. The location of the user is also a determining factor. More than 8 percent of the search result given by Google is based on the information of the user.

Vivek Roy is the Digital Marketing Manger withStartups.com – A Best Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon for startups. Vivek has worked across many sectors, and loves using technology to solve branding and customer acquisition problems. He is a published author and mentor to many startups.

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