Top 5 Games That You Can Play To Pass Your Time During Quarantine!

Pass your time during quarantine

Now, you may or may not have been addicted to games before the entire pandemic thing, but indeed after lock-down was imposed, sports became a big stress-buster for all of us. All of us have at-least-once been scolded by our mothers for this thing, right? But honestly, games are beneficial in transporting us to a world of virtual reality where you feel as if you are the hero trying to shield himself from the villains. And did you know roblox accounts from FreeAccountsOnline are providing amazing premium content for free! Here are the top games that you can play to pass your time during quarantine.

Today, let us discuss the top 5 games that have helped you to pass your time during quarantine and maintain our sanity and satiety

1. Ludo King– 

That happiness when you slice off your friend’s goti, forcing them to start again from scratch, is gold. Then seeing that ‘winner’ tag associated with your name makes you want to lift your imaginary collar. The makers of this game revealed in an online interview about how they thought of molding their childhood memories into a game, not knowing then that its popularity would surge manifolds during the pandemic.

Plus we all have to agree that online Ludo is much much better than its offline cousin as we get to play it with our friends and extended families based miles apart and not to forget our quarantine wouldn’t have been the same tolerable without it!

2. PubG– 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), also tops our isolated-but-gaming list. In each game, hundreds of players parachute inside an island, searching for survival tactics to defend themselves while attacking others. The last player or the last team standing comes out victorious.

This online multiplayer battle game, introduced by a Chinese company on cell phones, kept us on the verge of getting a heart attack when our government banned 59 Chinese apps. Developed by a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole, this game has a humongous fan-base in India, with every fourth person taking part in this recreation. The bare imagination of not being able to play this game anymore when certain apps were getting prohibited, seemed more dangerous than corona itself!

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3. Clash of Clans– 

This particular game used to be the top-notch player in the market of video games, until well PubG stormed and took over. Here individuals can form different clans and snatch over other people’s resources. Once that happens, the gamer gets brownies in the form of gold and elixir, which he can, in turn, use to upgrade his armaments to perform better in future clashes or to enhance his buildings. 

Since, logging out of the game’s server means any competitor can come and raid your ‘castle’ players stay glued to their screens as much as they can, to prevent such mishaps. It has come under the radar of many countries due to the aggressive nature of the game that could trigger those with weak mental health, but all said and explained, it just is essential for our survival, right?

4. Candy Crush– 

There was a time I would play candy crush for 8 hours straight, wanting to upgrade myself at every point. I did end up going quite high, but what makes it so breath-taking? Some people would say an easy user interface. Yes, that counts, but what about the beautiful candies you get to see all along and the exotic sound when you swipe a group of like sweets? 

Then, it’s easy to operate upon the interface, make sure that all the generations of a family become obsessive towards it, sticking to their phones day in and day out. They want to penetrate as many levels as you possibly can, and that too within a day has a satisfaction of its own, which you can’t deny! Oh, and the small rewards you get along the way of crusading towards your goal makes it more interesting. Trust me even I have been a prey.

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5. Angry Birds– 

Another game I spent hours on! That stretching the cute birds to probably the farthest you can before releasing them to blast the bombs was not a feeling but an emotion. Remember that ‘Huhn’ noise the birds would make a post every delivery? Precisely, what urged the desire within us to try once to seek the goal again, until it gets completed. And that black self-exploding creature was sheer brilliance!


However, absorbing these games might be, we have to learn to draw a line. From personal experience, I can firmly state that addicting yourself to a game, that too online is not good. Real-life games allow us a breath of fresh air apart from toning up our bodies. Sitting on a couch and playing these games to pass your time during quarantine make up for an unhealthy future. 

See, addiction to anything is wrong. If a thing is taking up your entire time and coercing you into scheduling your life based on it, then STOP. Few days will be difficult, as it was for me, but in the end, you will thank yourself for stepping up for your brighter tomorrow! Learn this quote by heart, the tough the things get, the tough get going. Till, issues cooling though, enjoy playing these games, but not for more than 4 hours. Or else, they could be deadly!

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