7 Reliable Transactional Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers

Marketing is an essential thing for any business. There are various ways of marketing available. Among them, some are online marketing methods. They are different from typical marketing approaches. Numerous online marketing methods are Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Among all, Email Marketing is the best-known practice for marketing strategies. The email focuses on sending bulk emails to customers to get information from their side, and the information is beneficial for the planning of future roadmaps. Kaushal Malkan says in TechyHost that email Marketing helps in positively communicating with customers. Transactional emails are an essential part of any email marketing package. These emails are usually demanding some data from the customer side, and it may include any form, transaction link, any update regarding profile, or any other important update regarding the company. This is widely believed that these types of emails have higher open rates as compared with others. In this article, we will be going to discuss the seven reliable transactional email service providers. Millions of people widely use these.

1) Amazon Simple Email Services ( SES)

Amazon developed this service to communicate with its users. It was used by Amazon only. But after that, the company launches a web services program. Amazon Simple Email Services is a great cost-effective email service providers. It provides a reliable transactional email service at a little cost. This platform is now widely used by various reputed companies for email marketing.

Pros of this email service include:

  • Affordable pricing for transactional email.
  • Emails are based on trending technology with high deliverability.
  • Configuration set available for all emails you send using this platform.

2) MailChimp (Mandrill)

Mandrill by MailChimp is a popular transactional email service provider. This is available as a paid add-on. You need to buy MailChimp to open a paid account. The Mandrill is only available for paid users. Mandrill is well known for its reliability and speed. There is not any free plan available. 

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The various benefits you get:

  • Server speed is best among all.
  • Multiple domains may be operated with the same account.
  • Automatic feedback loops available for tracking spam.
  • Transition is smooth to a new IP.
3) Pepipost

Pepipost allows you to integrate it within your app or web application using the API method. There are two options available for using this service. One is the SMTP relay, and the other one is web API. Pepipost does not store any emails sent by you. It uses protocols like TLS and SSL to protect your data. 

The other benefits you get includes the following:

  • Free email plan available ( 30,000 emails per month )
  • Cashback for opened emails.
  • Live report window is convenient.
  • Chat support is available.
  • You will get real-time updates for every notification.
4) MailJet

 This is built for developers as well as marketers. This makes it easy to send customized and personalized transactional emails. The jet in the name indicates the speed of emails. According to the company, it supports the marketers to send customized emails at Jet speed. Various other products offered by MailJet include Email automation, Marketing Zone for developers, etc. 

Other features you get :

  • Robust delivery structure.
  • The architecture is scalable too.
  • Number of pre-designed email templates available.
  • You may test using split testing before bulk action.
  • Drag and drop function for customizing email templates.
  • Analytical tools for tracking the performance.
5) SendInBlue

 It is one of the most popular transactional email providers available in the market. The premium companies like BMW, Michelin, etc. are using this platform to convey their messages to users. According to data, more than 50 thousand companies are using this email service provider. Around 30 million emails are sent daily. The company promises a robust API. This API can easily handle bulk email delivering tasks. 

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Following are the other benefits you get:

  • Email personalization and SMS personalization.
  • You may track the status of the email sent by you.
  • A dedicated IP is allocated to you to improve your reputation.
  • A free plan is available.
  • Based on your need and budget, the number of paid strategies is also available.
  • A preloaded template gallery.
  • A drag and drop editor available for customized email templates.

6) MailGun

MailGun is a cloud-based email service providers. This is mainly proposed for fulfilling the needs of developers. This is the best option available for coders. The control panel is designed in such a way that it can be used easily. The pricing is also straightforward, and discounts are always given to attract more customers. It is used by famous brands such as GitHub, Heroku, etc. 

The other key factors are:

  • 10000 messages free for every month.
  • The software detects the best time of email delivery and delivers it on the best time.
  • Logs of any account are kept for 30 days.
  • Sub account facility for each domain name.

7) Sparkpost

Sparkpost is a new name in the list of transactional email providers. This is used by various famous brands, including Zillow and Pinterest. The provider claims that they send more than 20% of the world’s non-spam emails. This is a cloud-based platform. 

Other key factors are:

  • Free trial and different pricing options available.
  • The service is developer-friendly.
  • Number of email metrics are available to track emails and customer response.
  • Email preview option.
  • Fast support available.

These are the best seven transactional email service providers. They are reliable as well as used by big companies and brands. It is upon you to select the best one for your need.


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