Tips To Make You A Winner When Betting on The UFC

The UFC has gained a great deal of popularity around the world since its introduction a few decades ago and has become one of the most recognized MMA sports in the world. In addition to having over 300 million fans worldwide, the UFC has contributed to the development of the MMA industry around the world. 


UFC has hosted more than 500 events in 28 countries in the past few years, making it a global brand. However, the purpose of this article is not to discuss the UFC but to share some tips that will make you a winner when wagering on the UFC. With that being said, let’s jump directly into the main discussion.

1•Go With The Chalk

Even though betting the chalk on every fight is boring and not as fun as betting on a big underdog, it will win you 67% of the time. The key to betting on favorites is knowing which ones to pick. 


When in doubt, go with the favorite, is one of the rules we generally follow. We believe the oddsmakers know what they’re doing – they’re experts. It might seem advisable to bet on the underdog if you think it’s a tossup, but stats prove otherwise.


Conversely, on average, an underdog will win a third of every UFC fight card. It’s worth knowing ahead of time who these fighters will be if you want to get a good score. Stats from the rest of your research can be helpful here as well.

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2• Bet On The Superior Striker 

About 64% of the time, the superior striker wins in UFC fights. In October of 2020, this number was at 72%, a significant decline from the previous year. Even so, it still ranks second when it comes to predicting a fighter’s success in the ring. 


The best way to determine who is the better striker in a matchup is to search online, look at a fight matchup, then compare the four striking stats (Strikes Landed per Minute, Strikes Accurate, Strikes Absorbed per Minute, Defense). The striker who wins the most categories is considered the best. An effective and simple solution.

3• Go With Youth

There is pretty much a 59% chance the younger fighter will win. In our experience, the younger fighter tends to win more fights if there is a larger age gap (we may have to track the stats come late 2022).

4• Fade Fighters Who Miss Weight 

Fights are fought to be bigger than the opponent on fight night, which is the whole point of weight cutting (in theory – but everyone cuts weight the same amount, so it’s pointless). A fighter who misses weight – i.e. comes in heavy – should, theoretically, have an advantage on fight night since they are the physically bigger fighter. 


This is incorrect. There have been only 41% of overweight fights that have been won by overweight fighters. You shouldn’t place your bets until the weigh-ins have occurred and you know if the fighters have made weight.


When betting on the UFC, there are a number of factors that need to be considered, but it’s nearly impossible to cover all of them in this short article. Although all the above tips are common tips to be considered when betting on the UFC in order to succeed. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if we forgot to include other important tips in this article.

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