Escape Hour — the Best Way to Entertain

You want to have fun with a team of friends, but you are already a little tired of usual entertainment? No problem, because you can visit one of the exciting escape rooms in Calgary.

In an Escape Hour visitor can definitely find a room for any taste. Visitors of an Escape Hour can choose from six escape rooms with completely different ideas and themes:

  • The 5 Elements;
  • Prohibition;
  • The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar;
  • Catch Me if You Can- Bank Robbery;
  • The Matrix;
  • The Curse of the Evil Genie;
  • and CypherSpace.

The first three escape rooms transport their visitors into the atmosphere of one of the most famous films of cinematography. Participants of the quest are given the opportunity to solve riddles and complex problems related to the plot of one of the legendary films.

The Best Way to Get The Most Fun

When choosing a room quest on the Escape Hour website, additional information is provided for the prospective participant to consider. The number of participants who escape from one room varies from 2 to 16. Each room has its own limit, which must be taken into account when choosing. An equally important factor is the level of complexity that a particular escape room has. The time you are given to get out is the same everywhere — 1 hour.

To help their visitors, before choosing an escape room, users are given the opportunity to watch a short, introductory video, which will show the motives of a particular room. In addition to the video, the Escape Hour website also offers a brief description of each of the escape rooms, for you to understand what you will do during the escape.

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In addition to escape rooms, the institution offers the shooter fans to play the shooter game in virtual reality, which lasts 30 minutes; the game can be attended by 1 to 3 participants.

Of course, Escape Hour doesn’t leave the participants alone, and they can get a technical hint on the spot. With each team there will be a GameMaster, which helps participants during the game. That is, if any of the visitors get confused and will not be able to go to the next stage, GameMaster will give them a hint.

You can visit one of the establishments in Edmonton or Calgary. But in order to certainly get to the escape room of one of the cities, a wishing person should book it in advance.

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