8 essential rules for choosing the right accessories to amp up your outfits

8 essential rules for choosing the right accessories to amp up your outfits

Accessorizing may seem like an easy feat. Well, it is, but you must first accustom yourself to some of the basics in the rule for choosing the right accessories.

Unfortunately, you cannot just wear whatever you want however you want. If only things were as liberating. But then again, if you are someone who dances to the beat of their own drum, by all means, you do you, boo.

When it comes to choosing the right accessories, the goal must be to tie the whole look together. That is the point of accessories anyway; they are the final piece in the puzzle.

If you wish to take your accessorizing game to the next level, keep reading.

Here are the eight essential rules of choosing the right accessories that you can use any time of the year to ensure that every outfit of yours is an absolute banger.

  • Refrain from going overboard

Accessorizing is a slippery slope. One minute you may be sporting a statement pair of earrings only, and the next, you may be laden top to bottom in statement matching pieces. We do not blame you; accessories are tempting.

However, it is essential to practice self-control and refrain from going overboard when accessorizing. The general rule of thumb is to not wear more than 3 to 4 large accessories at a time.

With minimal accessories, you have a little more freedom to play with different options. With larger accessories, over-accessorizing can ruin your whole look. No one likes an outfit that is too busy or too distracting.

Keep it simple and statement with 3 or 4 bold matching accessories to amp up your look.

  • Avoid bulky scarves unless necessary.

Scarves come in an array of fabrics and styles. You have a plethora of textures to play with, depending on the season and your desired look.

For the summer months, stick to something light and breezy like cotton or silk. You have more options to work with for the colder months, including wool, cashmere, fur, and more. Perhaps a questionable choice in this category is bulky scarves.

Bulky scarves look great in theory, but they can get quite overwhelming. Yes, they are cozy, but they can be quite a hassle to carry. They are heavy and hard to manage too. Is the hassle even worth it?

Styling a bulky scarf is also no easy feat. You have to be careful about what you pair it with and how you drape it. If your outfit has an oversized collar, do not make the mistake of styling it around your neck.

In fact, just ditch the bulky scarf altogether; it is too much work. Keep it simple with a less bulky option such as cashmere or silk.

  • Wear only small matching jewelry sets

Matching jewelry sets are super cute. You want to put on the whole thing. It may seem like a good idea, but this would only work if the set is small in size. Let us explain why.

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Minimal jewelry is designed for layering. Their sole purpose is to add a hint of something special to your ensemble.

Chunky jewelry sets are visually stunning, do not get us wrong here. However, they can be a little overpowering. Larger jewelry is designed to stand out.

Therefore, to ensure that your ensemble does not look too distracting or too busy, do not make the mistake of wearing a larger matching jewelry set. Instead, style the pieces separately and follow the three large accessories rule for choosing the right accessories.

  • Your handbag and shoes do not always have to match

Yes, every fashion rule book tells you to match your handbag to your shoes. Well, they are not wrong. A matching pair of shoes and handbag just look more cohesive. But as the brave say, rules are meant to be broken.

Forget the rule. Your bag and shoes should not always have to match. For instance, you have a fabulous pair of neon heels. Instead of going out of your way to finding a matching neon bag, make your life easier by styling your outfit with a contrasting bag in a lighter tone. This helps tone down your outfit and give your shoes the spotlight that they deserve.

The same rule applies if you are sporting a statement handbag. Let it be the star of the show by letting it stand out and keeping everything else minimal.

  • Prioritize: clothes or accessories

The perfect outfit is a balanced amalgamation of your outfit and accessories. A well thought out ensemble is balanced. The only rule to follow is to prioritize. Either pick clothes or accessories; you cannot have both at the same time.

Essentially, if you are sporting a bold outfit, your accessories should be minimal. On the contrary, if you wish to flaunt some statement accessories, be sure to keep your outfit simple.

To strike the perfect balance, learn to set good contrasts. If your outfit is outgoing, tone down the accessories. Stick to minimal jewelry and neutral hues to create an aesthetically pleasing look. As for simpler outfits, you have more freedom to experiment with different accessories.

Choosing the right accessories to keep it minimal if that is more your vibe. Otherwise, you can pull out all your show-stopping pieces; the bolder, the better.

Whether you are team outfit or team accessories, there is one tip that you must bear in mind regardless, and that is the importance of good underwear. We often tend to overlook it because nobody can see your underwear unless you are Superman.

Your underwear is a part of your armor. Good underwear ensures that your outfit looks the way it is supposed to. Not only that, it ensures comfort and ease. Therefore, prioritize investing in good underwear because it makes a world of difference.

Ladies, find yourself some excellent supporting bras. Make sure to get your size measured and get the right fitting one. Gentlemen, grab yourself some light, breathable and supportive underwear to make sure that your outfit looks top notch. You can go search for them in-store or find some excellent men’s underwear online.

  • Ditch the watch on some days
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We love watches. They are super classy and elegant. Perhaps the best part about watches is that they are practical too. A good watch trumps a fine piece of arm candy any day.

However, when it comes to formal and evening wear, it is okay to ditch the watch. Watches work best in business, sports, and urban settings. Styling them with something formal like an evening gown is not very gratifying. Instead of a watch, we recommend opting for a chic bracelet or statement cuff.

It would flatter your outfit more and vibe with the formal aesthetic wonderfully well.

  • Match your gloves to your outfit

Unlike the matching handbag and shoe rule, this rule is not one to be broken. Gloves scream posh sophistication. They are elegant and classy, so you have to respect them.

Your gloves must match your outfit; if not the whole thing, then at least a part of it. This accessory should gel in harmoniously with one accent, such as your hand, belt, or even your lipstick. Opting for gloves that do not complement any part of your outfit would ruin the whole look, so either make sure they match or drop them.

  • Do not wear dark tones with pastels

Dark tones are great. They are chic, elegant, and supremely versatile.Perhaps the best amongst the lot is black. While black is a super easy color to style, it does not complement pastel tones.

If you are sporting a pastel ensemble, steer clear of black or any other dark-toned shoes; they just do not look outstanding together. Instead of opting for a pair of black shoes, opt for a lighter neutral-toned pair of shoes. White, beige, and nude-colored shoes work just as well.

Similarly, instead of sporting a dark jacket over a pastel ensemble, pair it with a light neutral jacket or coat for a more aesthetically pleasing feel and look.

  • Parting thoughts

When it comes to accessorizing, there are many rules to follow. While glossy magazines and runway models tell us about the latest trends in the world of fashion, we believe that the true lesson lies in practice.

If you wish to elevate your style game, put theory into practice, and add a little twist of your own for that hint of personalization. Do not shy away from experimenting because you never know what you may end up loving.


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