Party Bus Service VS. Limo Service: Which is Better For Your Big Day? 

Party Bus Service VS. Limo Service

Arranging a wedding is a huge task on its own. The main arrangement includes ordering the bridal dress, all the accessories to go with it including special bridal heels, hairpins, hair accessories, jewelry, flowers, a reception dress if you want to change the bridal dress. That only covers the bridal outfit. The groom himself has to worry about his groom dress, accessories, shoes. To avoid the hustle of complete wedding arrangements, most of the couples prefer hiring a wedding planner for their big day who can look after everything.

The wedding planners can help you in a lot of departments whether it is your wedding cake, or reception menu and venue, wedding invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc. However, they can get confused when it comes to picking a transportation vehicle for wedding guests. The two common options are a limousine or a party bus and both of these have benefits of their own. The limousines are considered a symbol of luxury, elegance, comfort and style. They also offer privacy which most guests prefer. On the other hand, the party buses can accommodate a larger number of guests who can start a party inside the bus while they are moving from one place to another.

The couples often think that limousines will not be available for them because of their limited budget. And they do not even inquire about the limousine rental charges. If you give a green signal to your wedding planners, then they can negotiate with Standard Limos Services in Philadelphia PA and arrange a limousine for your big day within budget. But if you have a huge number of friends who want a party bus then you can go for a party bus as well. but before making the final decision, let’s see the major differences between the party bus and the limousine depending upon their benefits and drawbacks.

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Hiring A Party Bus For Your Wedding Guests

The party bus has many benefits which cannot be ignored. It has an amazing atmosphere and you can move around as well. The party bus is properly utilized if you have party lover friends who want an upbeat time on your wedding. Some party buses also come with an onboard bar, loud music and light shows giving it a club look.

If the bridesmaids’ dresses allow them to move around easily and dance without worrying about their appearance then the party bus is the right option or them. Your friends can enjoy the wedding groove with colorful lights, dance floor, flat-screen LCDs and the minibar facilities while traveling to the wedding.

However, the party buses have a downside as well. It only suits you if all the guests are the party lovers. Otherwise, the other guests may start judging the party bus riders considering it does not give an elegant appearance. Most couples want to make a stylish and elegant entry at the venue and only Limo Service can provide that.

Picking The Limousine For Elegance

No vehicle can beat the elegance and style provided by a limousine. The limousines are classy and they have a traditional use of making your big day bigger by offering unparalleled style. Limousines have various sizes based on their capacity and facilities. You can get a stretched wedding limousine which has more space and more comfort. There is nothing better than a limousine service for your wedding day as you can move from your place to the wedding venue without a single wrinkle on your dresses.

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You can also get SUV Car Services for the elders who would like to travel in comfort. Meanwhile, you all can enjoy the limousine. It can be a long day for the main families and close friends so comfort is needed before the wedding ritual begins. The limousine offers enough space, leather seats, mini bar, surround sound system, entertainment system, television, high-end furnishings and a professional chauffeur. Chauffeur makes your journey convenient and comfortable as everything is handled by the professionals. You can still have fun with your closest friends while traveling to the wedding venue in a limousine. And surprisingly, the limousines cost less than the luxury party buses. If you would rather save the money, then a limo is the way to go.

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