7 Foods That Help You Build Lean Muscle

7 Foods That Help You Build Lean Muscle

Physical activity and nutrition go hand in hand if you are looking to build some lean muscle. For starters, challenge the body by engaging in a variety of Estrogen Patch. However, if you do not balance physical activity with diet, you will not get that far.

Foods with high proteins come in handy when you want to build muscles, but you also need some carbs and healthy fat in your diet. If your objective is to put on some lean muscles, your focus should be on exercise and a muscle building diet.

Here are some of the foods that can help you put on some lean muscles.


Eggs have a high protein content, healthy fat and a few other vital nutrients such as choline and vitamin B. The basic building blocks in proteins are amino acids. Eggs have a plentiful supply of leucine and amino acids, both of which help in building muscles.

In addition, vitamins B are needed for a number of important body functions, including the production of energy.


Fish such as Salmon is an important part of the diet if you looking to build muscles or maintain good health in general. Each 85-gram serving has slightly more than 2 grams of omega acids, 17 grams of protein and a number of important B vitamins, which is important for people on HGH diet injections.

If you are on HGH diet injections for one reason or another or you want an effective way to build lean muscles, there are other ways for you to augment HGH levels in the body through a well-planned diet. One way is to eat certain foods that will boost your HGH levels in the body such as sushi.

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If you are on hgh diet injections and are looking for the best way to keep hgh levels up at all times, your diet should include fish.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are popular among people looking to gain muscle for a good reason. They have a lot of proteins, about 26 grams per serving, and plenty of omega 3 acids. Chicken breasts also have a lot of vitamins B, B6 and niacin, elements that are important for an active mind and body.

The vitamins in chicken breasts help the body perform optimally when you are involved in physical activities that are necessary for muscle development. In addition, researchers have shown that a high protein content from chicken can help you shed weight.

Greek Yogurt

Dairy products not only contain a good supply of proteins, but they also have fast acting whey as well as slow acting casein. Researchers have shown that you can experience an increase in lean mass when you eat a mixture of slow acting and fast acting dairy protein.

However, the effect is not present in each dairy product you consume. Some dairy products have more protein than others. For instance, Greek yogurt has about twice the protein content in regular yogurt.

Greek yogurt is a perfect snake any time of the day, but it makes more sense to have it after your workout because it has both slow and fast acting proteins.


Other than 20 grams protein per 85-gram serving, tuna contains a lot of vitamins A, B, B6, B12, and niacin. All these nutrients are vital for overall good health, increase energy and optimal performance.

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In addition, tuna offers a lot of omega 3 acids important for your muscles’ growth and development. Omega acids are important for the overall well-being of older adults and seniors. Studies have shown that omega acids slow down muscular degeneration and loss of strength due to aging.

Lean Beef

Beef has plenty of high-quality vitamin B, proteins, creatine and minerals. So, if you consume lean red meat, you are likely to increase muscle mass each time you weight-train. However, you should eat beef that can support muscle growth without supplying your body with too many calories.

For instance, 85 grams of 70 percent lean beef has about 15 grams of fat and 228 calories. Nevertheless, a similar amount of 95 percent lean beef has a higher protein content and just 145 calories. The fat content also decreases to 5 grams.


Shrimp is nearly all protein. An 85-gram serving has 18 grams protein a gram of fat and no carbohydrates. Although healthy carbs and fat are important, including shrimp in your diet can help build muscles without consuming too many calories.

Like most other animal-based amino acids, shrimp has a high amino acid content necessary for good health.

Final Word

An obese body is not healthy or attractive at all. Keeping a lean body is important for your overall health, and can help you keep off chronic illnesses. However, a lot of work goes into keeping a lean body, and that includes eating the right diet.

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