Alternative Office Spaces for Your Startup

Alternative Office Spaces for Your Startup

Starting a business is demanding. Not only do you have to come up with products and services that sell, but you also need to invest in marketing, get an effective website and navigate endless amounts of bureaucracy. Most modern startups don’t have the financial backing to cover all bases, and some of the things needed to get started should not be compromised on. Two of them being the business’s product and marketing it.

However, owning a nice office space with cucumber-filled water dispensers are a luxury that most startups can do without in the early years. Yet, just because your startup cuts costs on leasing an office, doesn’t mean there aren’t other awesome options. Take a look at these excellent cost-effective office alternatives.

  1. Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are the latest trend among startups. Instead of businesses being separated by office blocks and awkward shuffles among employees in the lift, businesses come together in one office space. Although businesses still have their own desks and spaces there are common areas to get to know the fellow startups in the area and even events. This is great for letting innovation flow and making valuable local connections.

  1. Cafes

Finding the perfect café can be a minefield when it comes to working from them. A rush of noisy people craving their caffeine at lunch can cause issues with Skype meetings and business calls. However, if you can find a small hangout that is relatively quiet, a café is also a good choice. Speak with owners about your intentions to get deals off that coffee bill too. Either way, it will be cheaper than renting an office.

  1. Public Libraries
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If you want zero outgoings from your make-shift office, a public library is your best option. Most are completely free and have stable WiFi connections. Moreover, most modern libraries now have dedicated spaces for quiet reading and studying as well as spaces where you can make noise and take calls.

  1. Garages

We’ve all heard the rags-to-riches stories of successful international companies starting from the founder’s garage. Well, it turns out a garage is also an excellent option to operate a business from. You get the advantage of using your own reliable WiFi and because it is your own property, it affords tax relief benefits. If you do decide to use your garage as an office space, you may want to consider upgrading your garage doors to keep noise out and to moderate temperature all year around.

  1. The Park

For the days when you don’t need WiFi to complete your workload – or if you own a dongle – there is also the opportunity to work from a park picnic table or somewhere just as suitable outdoors. This will feel great in summer when those established businesses are sweating it out in their office cubicles.

Which alternative office space do you prefer? Will you be looking into co-working spaces or starting where Jeff Bezos did in his garage?

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