5 Ways to Cure Tooth Sensitivity

tooth sensivity

Your smile is the most appealing curve that sets everything straight. A genuine smile emerges from salubrious dental health and daily care routine. Dental care is as crucial as taking care of the skin. You need to take out enough time for transforming your teeth into glistening white.

Lack of appropriate dental care can prove to be detrimental in the long run. Just like the skin, even your teeth are prone to infections. You must have noticed a sharp piercing pain right after you munch on your favorite chocolate. That’s what tooth sensitivity feels like.

One of the major repercussions of poor dental care is tooth sensitivity. And what causes the sensitivity is tooth erosion. As soon as your tooth undergoes erosion, it exposes the major constituent of the tooth i.e. dentin. Exposed dentin causes sensitivity whenever you eat foodstuffs that are too sweet or sour.

With proper care, you can get rid of the sensitivity effectively. Keep reading to know more about simple ways to prevent as well as cure tooth sensitivity.

Time To Change The Brushing Technique


Did you know that the way you brush your teeth has a great impact on your dental health? Researchers state that 1/4th of the tooth sensitivity cases are the cause of poor brushing techniques. Not just the technique, even the kind of brush you use might trigger the piercing pain.

To cure the sensitivity, you need to minimize tooth erosion as much as possible. This includes correctly brushing your teeth. Make sure not to go too hard on your teeth. This will not only cease the exposure of dentin but also prevent the peeling of the gums.

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So, the next time you brush, keep the movements soft and slow. Also, fetch a soft bristled brush for better results.

Kill The Bacteria With Salt Water

You must have heard the benefits of saltwater on our oral hygiene and health. Yet another advantage of salt water is on the tooth sensitivity. If you suffer from regular piercing pains, there’s absolutely no need to worry.

All you need to do is take a glass full of warm water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Further, rinse your mouth twice a day with it. This increases the pH of your oral cavity. Due to the increased pH, the oral environment turns into an alkaline one.

Most of the bacteria responsible for the sensitivity can’t survive in an alkaline environment. By rinsing your mouth with this magical water, you can cure the pain in no time.

Examine Your Gums Carefully

There are times when the cause of sensitivity isn’t erosion of the teeth. Your gums are equally responsible for tooth sensitivity and pain. Due to the over brushing of the gums, the recession of the root takes place. This leads to irritation in the nerve endings at the root of the tooth.

Such irritation further intensifies and leads to a sharp, piercing pain in the tooth. If you aren’t sure of the cause, do visit your dentist right away. With careful monitoring and investigations using the dental X-Ray machine, the dentist can ascertain the cause quickly.

If you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity, make sure to examine your gums today.

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Consume Garlic For Antibacterial Aid

Have you been experiencing the piercing pain for quite a long time now? If yes, it’s time to do something about it. The major cause of such sensitivity is the infection that prevails in the roots. Microorganisms like bacteria invade the tooth and lead to erosion of the roots.

If you wish to get rid of the pain, try munching on some garlic. It might not allure your taste buds, but it will surely help you get rid of the harmful bacteria. According to studies,Garlic consists of constituents like allicin, boasting antibacterial properties.

Grab a clove of garlic and make a paste of it using saltwater. Further, apply the mixture over the root of your tooth for anesthetic relief.

Say No To Sugar Rich Drinks

How many times have you experienced sensitivity after eating a chocolate donut? Probably a lot! Sugary dishes can increase tooth sensitivity and pain to five folds. All the desserts, cold-drinks and mocktails that you consume might be the cause of your tooth sensitivity.

Along with pain, sugary drinks can also increase the erosion of the tooth. In order to keep your radiant whites more healthy and strong, try avoiding the sugars as much as possible.

Final Verdict

Taking care of your teeth is something that you should preach on a regular basis. Along with regular brushing, you should also consume food that keeps your dental health in check. Avoid sugars and try eating food rich in antibacterial properties. By adapting to such measures, you can easily cure your tooth sensitivity shortly.

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