How To Move Professionally – 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

How To Move Professionally - 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. If you are thinking about changing your profession, you will probably find mixed emotions in yourself. We know that several fears accompany the desire to change a job. Let us talk about how to deal with them.

There can be many reasons for changing the profession. Most often, they are associated with personal development.Three wishes influence the decision to change the scope of activity:

  • Obtaining a higher social status;
  • A desire for self-improvement;
  • Willingness to broaden horizons.

The desire to change a profession ( is a natural step for a person who has exhausted the possibilities of his professional field. However, at the same time, a change of job is not something ordinary, and every day, and in this situation, it is quite natural to experience fear.

The German psychologist Fritz Riemann believes that fear always arises when a person finds oneself in an unresolved situation. “Every stage of development, every step towards maturity is associated with fear, if they lead to something new, previously unknown and unfamiliar in the domestic or external situation, which we have not yet experienced,” Riemann writes in the book “Basic forms of fear.”

Consider the nature of the fears that accompany the transition to a new professional field; once you deal with them, it is much easier to take steps to a new life.

1. I do not know what to do with the old profession.

In the psychology of professions, it is believed that the need for a change of activity usually occurs at the age of 30–33 years (or earlier), with the onset of the so-called crisis of a professional career.

Overcoming it is essential for further success. What is the crisis manifesting?

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When changing the professional field, it seems as if everything that was before is a mistake. Instead, it is a big mistake to devalue your experience. The following thoughts can recognize depreciation:

“I made the wrong choice of university/profession”;

“I have been doing useless work all this time”;

“I could not achieve significant work achievements.”

How To Move Professionally - 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

With such thoughts of success, one cannot dream of there is a risk of depreciating a new profession, and to face the fear of “making a mistake” again. Prevent these thoughts by summing up: for sure, in the current job, you have been able to achieve a lot and gain valuable skills. Many of them will be useful for the new professional field. For example, if you worked in sales and decided to go to programmers, then it will be much easier for you to sell yourself and your services, as well as products of your activity.

Even if you have devoted years to work that you now recognize as unloved, collect the juiciest fruits from this tree of experience. Compare two situations: you are looking for a new place with absolutely no experience, and you are looking for a job with the expertise that is now. Which employee would you be more willing to accept into the company? With experience, you already cost more as a specialist and look much more attractive than other candidates in the labor market.

2. Need education, have to study for a long time.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, almost 60% of young professionals do not practicespecialtiesthey acquired at the university. The fact that they do not have the “necessary” wallpaper degree does not prevent them from building a successful career. Therefore, often, the lack of education is just an attempt to disguise self-doubt and not a real barrier to the dream job.

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Nevertheless, education will help you feel confident. However, the myth that there is a lengthy study ahead, most likely, grows from the experience of five to six years of research at the university. Do not you want to waste time? Then we tell you what options exist.

– Short-term programs. In fact, for many modern professions, long training is not required. For example, to learn how to become a sales specialist, SMM-marketing specialist, radio host, style expert, florist, and yoga instructor, you can take professional retraining courses and professional seminars that will not take much time.

How To Move Professionally - 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

– The second highest educationlearning distantly. If the profession you want to leave for, nevertheless, requires the presence of higher professional education (for example, psychology, medicine, law), then you can choose distance learning, while interning and gaining experience in a new field. At the end of this process, you will have both a diploma and experience.

– MBA programs. Such a master’s program, as a rule, involves the development of a student as a leader. If you do not just want to change your profession, but also look towards management or even your own business, then this is a good option. Typically, programs are designed for working people, so the schedule should not be demanding. Also, practice-oriented training awaits you, and there is a chance in a short time to build a career anew with the support of teachers.

3. Scary to start all over again.

Fear, as if a problematic path was coming from the very beginning, are echoes of memories of the first working experience. Understanding this fear will help to comprehend that in reality, you do not start from scratch. You are no longer that university graduate who has only studies behind and ahead is the unknown and misunderstanding of the inner workings of office life. In that situation, the fear of taking the first steps in a career was justified, and after several years, it was more likely to be irrational, although it feels like something is threatening you.

The change of professional area is a stressful situation, and it is time to provide yourself with internal support. To do this is not so difficult: it will take only a few steps.

– Revision of past work experience. Remember how you started, which helped you to advance in your career. How did you overcome career difficulties? How to cope in the most challenging times? Then you did not have the experience and conclusions that are now, and it is thanks to the fact that you know more that it will be easier for you to follow the new road. Such baggage does not pull to zero at all.

How To Move Professionally - 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

– Useful links. Do you have friends in the professional field that interests you? Get their support! Find out if you can ask them questions, learn from experience, or help with tasks. These professionals can become guides in the profession of your dreams.

– Growth opportunities. Define several development paths in the new professional field for yourself. For example, paid internship, work as an assistant professional of the chosen profession, clients on freelance. You will understand these ways in the implementation. It is crucial to be prepared for each option – if one does not work, try the other. When there is clarity, the unknown ceases to be intimidating.

4. What will colleagues, family, and friends say?

In the 1950s, the American psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a series of experiments to find out how much other people’s opinions influence a person. The subject was placed in a group of several people and asked a simple task. The people around the issue gave equally incorrect answers in agreement with the scientist. As a result, 75% of the items agreed with the majority opinion, despite its obvious fallacy.

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The opinions of loved ones are often overly influential. A man makes a choice: live his life or correspond to the idea of others about himself. The choice of a new profession, if you want it, only yours and no one else. It is for you to live with this choice in the future. How to cope with external pressure?

– Turn to critical thinking. These are your judgments, your reasonable conclusions, and the ability to apply your well-reasoned point of view under challenging situations. The opinion of a loved one may indeed be fair, but what is your opinion on the change of profession? Give room to your opinion and see how your life will change.

How To Move Professionally - 5 Fears In The Way of Your Dreams

– Allow other people’s views to be. One way or another, everyone has the right to their point of view. This cannot be changed, but you can give people the power to think about your decision. Even if it is the thoughts and arguments of loved ones, it is you to change jobs, not them. Naturally, the reaction to such a step can be different. They can only bring up their fears and concerns about what would happen if they were in your place.

– Thank you for your support. Surely, there will be people in the environment who will be happy about the changes in your life. Listen to what they think of your change in the professional field, and thank them for their support. You can choose whose opinion to rely on!

5. I will be left without money.

This fear is directly related to the dismay of unemployment. According to the materials of the Center for Labor Market Studies of the Higher School of Economics, Russian residents tend to evaluate their level of social security and competitiveness as rather low. This is the reason for fear of being unemployed. Be sure, in any case, and you will remain at work if you want to and plan your actions.

– Gradual entry into a new profession. Begin the path to a new professional field without abandoning the current one. The main thing is to redistribute the time between every day and new tasks correctly. As soon as you feel that a new profession is generating income, you can take more decisive steps.

– Additional income. If you move entirely into a new business, think about temporary other earnings until your income level stabilizes on the original path. What services could you provide for money: transcribevoice records, engage in contextual advertising, and sit with children or others?

– The opportunity to return. In case you cannot immediately succeed in a new profession, there is always a fallback: respond to your old job. Surely, you have gained experience and will easily find a place until you are ready to try a new profession again.

“Career guidance” helps to understand yourself and choose a profession that suits you. Use professional tools and throw away fears on the way to a dream.

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