7 reasons why you should use Google tag manager

7 reasons why you should use Google tag manager

Google tag manager has evolved to be an effective digital marketing tool. It has brought about many changes in the marketing world. You no more need to seek the help of the developers every time when you need to make some kind of changes to your website. All those stuff involved with coding is completely eliminated with Google tag manager.

What Google Tag manager has for you?

To understand the benefits that we obtain from the Google Tag Manage, initially, we have to understand what Google Tag Manager is. It is an open source tool that eliminates the tiresome coding work involved with the editing tasks that requires a developer.

Now, the marketing team, themselves can make the necessary changes to the website tags that includes the JavaScript code snippets, conversion rate tracking, analytics and remarketing. Every time the marketing team need not ping on the developers and let them work on the bigger projects without any disruptions.

What is the term ‘tag’?

Snippets of website codes that are utilized for the measurement of the traffic and the visitor behavior are the tags. They create a greater impression of online advertising. In addition to that, the tags make it easier to find the target audience in no time.  This leverages the remarketing and improves the site ranking.

Is Tag management system important?

Tagging involves highly complicated processes. Especially if the website is large in size then constant updates and making changes with the tag will become a tough task. If the tags are left unmanaged then they can lead to reducing the speed of your website.

This automatically brings the page ranking down by several numbers. Sometimes this can also lead to duplication or missing of data. It completely slows down the working process causing a huge number of delays in the measurement programs.

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Benefits of using Google Tag manager

If you are in need of digital marketing then you can get assistance from leading organizations around to develop tag manager for your website that will be helpful in boosting the reach of your site by multifold. As a surplus, you will also save time allowing the developer team to work in their rhythm. So, what are the benefits that Google Tag manager offers?

     1. Use it on the go

This Google’s release allows instant additions and changes to the tags without the requirement of any complex codes. No need to be a technical geek to work with the GTM. It provides the user with ease of access to work with it. It streamlines the process and speeds up the time to launch.

     2. Enhance security

The most important thing to be considered in a website is the security and saving the site from malfunctioning. Without proper security, the entire work put up will turn out to go in vain. GTM will give an additional layer of protection. It does not pave the way for the fragilities.  The potential for the mistakes and scripting errors are reduced by multiple times by the use of standard templates.

     3. Reach a new level of speed

No more worries about increasing the speed of the launching time, deployment and testing process. According to the survey with the help of GTM, the tag line time has improvised by 600%. This will give a niche over your other competitors.

     4. Track the events

No more tiresome traditional work methods for tracking an event. The olden methods involve adding code to the website to track the visitors’ events like videos, form submissions and clicks. With GTM auto tracking has evolved that eliminates all those coding work. Target links or buttons that are linked to a standardized naming structure can be generated as an alternative.

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     5. Get Google Analytics in bonus

Basic implementation of Google analytics will be allowed to install along with the built-in tags. It comes handy with several options that are available in the previous Google Analytics implementations. Also, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues. Older onsite code for event tracking, clicks, and page views is also supported by GTM.

     6. Utilize the built-in tags

For classic and universal analytics several built-in tags are available within GTM. Adwords conversion, remarketing and lot more can be done in a comfort zone without any need for coding experience. Customization of the tag takes place with less key information and implementing the complex code is no longer a difficulty.

     7. Debugging made simple

The GTM posses the debug features that allow the team irrespective of their technical knowledge to test and make changes upon every update. Before publication, the marketing team can make use of the tools available under the debug section and carry it out without any discomfort. All the debug tools available within can be accessed at ease and they will not need any assistance from the developers. This ensures a confident launch.

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