The Real Estate Of Email And Power Of Instagram Is Hard To Ignore

The Real Estate Of Email And Power Of Instagram

The social media platform is ever evolving so much so that people may often think that email marketing is a matter of the past. However, the Facebook Outage proves that email marketing is still regarded a high value platform by several marketers.

  • Add to that, the rise of Instagram to its humongous popularity has made email marketing even more powerful tool, provided the two are used just as the way it is supposed to.
  • When you combine Instagram and email marketing, it will ensure that your content will be surely seen even if the social media is going haywire as of now.

You will get a fair idea of the power and effect of Instagram in the lives of people when you consider the fact that when it went down for several hours recently along with Facebook and WhatsApp, millions of users, especially the teens and the business owners faced near crisis situation throwing their content marketing into limbo.According to the social media giant Facebook stats it is found that all users spend about 41 minutes of the day on an average still on the platform.

However, building your audience on Instagram or Facebook or even any other private company channel for that matter can be a double edged sword especially when the systems go down or their algorithm gets switched up.

Email marketing efforts

Therefore, whether you are in ecommerce business or in fashion industry, a coach or a service provider, an online retailer or a local brick and mortar vendor, it is time to reconsider the email marketing strategy. The simple reasons behind it are:

  • It is one of the best and most cost effective ways to reach to your customers
  • It will help you to build strong relationships with your customers easily and quickly and
  • It will eventually help you to increase your sales.

Therefore, it will help your business in a lot of ways, especially if you are running it on a budget.If you are a content marketer and spend most of your time trying to grab the attention of the readers online, you should not overlook the opportunities provided by the thanks giving auto responders that your emails will sent automatically to a recipient confirming being in the mailing list.

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Therefore, whether you are passing along a simple friendly acknowledgement, a free lead magnet, or a transaction receipt, the real estate of a thank-you email should not be ignored as that is too valuable.

In addition to that, since social media platforms continue to face the risk of a meltdown and data scandals, your savvy email marketing strategy will stand tall as one of the most significant and cost effective content marketing strategies.

The approach to follow

If you want to be successful in your email marketing campaign with or without combining it with Instagram, there are a few specific steps to follow just as the experts like Gramista do.

There are different email-marketing approaches that will drip emails or build a nurture sequence. However, given the modern times and the mindset of the consumers you should also consider those people who will like to binge on you right from the very moment they discover you.

The first touch point is the auto responder that will direct the attention of the reader to a winning content.

  • This will etch your message into the memory of the customer and will turn seconds of attention into minutes or even more.
  • This will raise the chances of future content consumption.

You can also choose to direct the reader to a social platform wherein you have created more such winning contents. This will serve your purpose of winning more traffic on a single platform.

  • On the other hand, if you have multiple platforms and a larger operation then a suite of social icons incorporated in your content will enable the readers to choose their preferred channels to incline to in their free time.
  • If you are into ecommerce business then a simple receipt email can also provide you with a great opportunity to turn a single sale into multiple sales. All you have to do is offer them a coupon or a time sensitive deal.

In order to make your email marketing more fruitful, Instagram can help you a lot. This is because creativity is the king even though brevity may be better at times. A study from Return Path showed that typically there is no correlation between the open rates of emails with the subject line length. This means, emails are usually opened based on the quality of the headline alone.

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Using captivating visuals and photos on Instagram will allow you to assert more authority early on.With so many active users the average open rate of emails of 21 percent will automatically increase to a blistering 50% or even 90%! This will make this particular marketing strategy an incredibly valuable real estate.

Typically, you will need to build the trust of the consumers on your brand and product before they buy. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you let them know what they want to know. Since Instagram will allow you to add pictures of your products alone along with a link to visit your site, incorporating it with your email marketing will provide them with both: a view of the product as well as all the relevant info required by the consumers to make a buying decision.

Summing it up

Therefore, you must use your welcome email for showing off the credibility markers that may include appearances, press mentions, and awards. This will affirm that you are best in the class and are the in disputable expert on the market.

However, if you do not have any such credibility markers there is no need to be disheartened. Your testimonials can be a useful substitute to affirm your credibility. If you do not get a couple of lines stating their experience you can use pictures and videos of them using your product and post it on Instagram for the same results.

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Kristen Smith is the marketing consultant having extensive knowledge of modern email marketing. Just like Gramista, she also helps marketers to incorporate Instagram with email marketing for best results.

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