EAT And Other Secrets Of Success For Professional SEO Article Writers

Professional SEO Article Writers

The most proven way of success for any professional SEO article writer is to increase expertise, authority and trustworthiness through your content in that order. This is termed as the EAT concept in SEO when it comes to search quality rating guidelines of Google.

You will come across the EAT guidelines that are more useful for the algorithm raters rather than the Google algorithm itself.

  • This guideline will help you to know where exactly Google is heading towards in the short term.
  • It will also help the SEOs to understand the need for quality in the content that comes first.

The primary requirement for EAT concept is to be an authority on the given subject first. This will make it easier for you to write authoritative content. That will take care of the ‘A’ of EAT.

Next, you should look at the distribution and promotion aspect of your content from the reputation perspective. You can hire experts such as Blastup to author your content and help you to ensure credit and credentials as well as leverage the data from other known entities. This will ensure suitable affinity to your brand that you want to promote.

Experts suggest a few ways in which you can ensure this. These steps include:

  • Getting more of your employees to write, blog, and speak
  • Being the go-to source for the brand’s people and
  • Revolve around your essential topic expertise.

It is this level of expertise and quality of content that Google at present is looking for to evaluate a site and power the results of Google searches.

Reward of EAT

The Google ranking team follows a simple yet specific goal to build their algorithm to rank site and documents. This is at par the guidelines that any human would follow. Implementing and incorporating Artificial Intelligence or AI in search evaluates the scale of the website in a far better way.

  • It typically generalizes the ranking algorithm as much as possible.
  • It helps the central ranking algorithm to get as close as possible to the ideal Intelligent Search product view.

According to your own guidelines you must optimize featured snippets as well as other Google SERP features. This should be done in addition to optimizing your own website. This will ensure that you provide a better Google search experience which is essential in 2019. A few of these features include:

  • Recipes
  • Answer boxes
  • Knowledge graph and
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All these will have a significant role to play and provide a higher volume in organic traffic. This makes SEO even more imperative because it will result in more exposure and visibility in the SERPs which is most vital in 2019 as is the clicks.

All these mean that optimizing for featured snippets and other Google search features is the most important thing to focus on at this day and age. This will ensure that you achieve several answer boxes for your own site as well as that of the clients’ and every time you do so it will result in a noteworthy spike in your organic traffic.

Writing SEO blogs and articles

In 2019, it is really very important for online marketing to have better written blogs and articles along with a more strategic social media management. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that you write a couple or a large number of SEO blogs and articles excluding the landing pages, you must focus on the fact that the elements in it can successfully drive more organic traffic to your website.

In addition to that, you must also ensure that you post fresh content on your site on a consistent basis. This will keep your site engaging and interesting and people will come back to know more and new things about your brand or product. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get new potential customers to your site.

However, just throwing a bunch of words to write content for your page is not enough to expect people to visit your site and come running. You will have to build it so that they come to your site but that means you will have to build it in the right way. It includes:

  • Getting your keyword research on – When you want to post anything on your site,you will anyway want Google to take notice of it. Therefore, make sure that you take enough time to create it after finding out the right keywords and phrases that will help you to attract people who are searching sites, brands and products like yours. Make sure that these are competitive. Make a keyword spreadsheet, keep track of the number of times these keywords fit in your content, use the right tools, and track your rank for the keywords that you have targeted.
  • Putting the keywords to work – This is another thing that will ensure that your content is well and good enough to attract new customers. Dumping keywords simply to your copy is not the right way to ensure higher SEO or a mark of a good SEO content writer. Therefore, do not force keywords in your copy as it will hurt it more than it will do any good. You need to be more tactical in your approach.Include keyword in the title, within the first 300 words, in the first H1 or H2 and use different variations of the keyword.
  • Care about people’s needs – You must write for the people and not for the machine or Google algorithm to get a good SEO ranking. Therefore, make it a point that you write about something that people really cares about.Follow a real strategy and do not jump out of it without any specific reason. Offer some value to the readers, tell them something that no one else has, talk about the services that you provide and why they are unique and share your knowledge that they cannot find anywhere else.
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Since no one else knows your business better than you, it will not be a difficult task. This way, no one will ‘EAT’ up your users!

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