Are You A Good Fit To 9 To 5 Work World?

You can’t work in teams or a good team player.

Some people like the formula of working 40 hours a week sticking to the desk while others cannot get themselves to the 9 to 5 regime, that makes them crawl out of the skin and go far away from the monotonous pattern of the ultimate formula of disaster.

Are you among those who are still confused to get themselves feeling misfit for a specific line of cuts? Then don’t take the risk of accepting a new but same job. Here are the eight signs to check if you are a 9 to 5 person or not!

1. You hate getting up early or late.

If waking up early and getting ready for work is an alien to you, then mark yourself lazy. This may happen because you stay up till 5 am watching Netflix or chatting with your friends, playing games or just scrolling down to social media.

Being Batman at night may be considered as a sign of intelligence according to research conducted by Crowd Writer; however, if you are among them, a 9 to 5 job is undoubtedly not for you. For people who follow the trend “Early to bed, early to rise” are undoubtedly the perfect folks for a weekly 40-hour job.

2. You can’t stand authority or love to get guidance.

No human likes to have an irritating, unreasonable bossy boss. If you feel bubbling rage when asked what to do or kick off a meeting, then you are definitely a fish-out-of-water. 8-hour work trends cringe some people when an authority pushes them for the sake of being the authority. This could be a warning sign for you.

Are You A Good Fit To 9 To 5 Work World?

If you feel restless about answering for your actions to anyone, it’s a clear indicator that you want to be your own boss. Alternatively, this restlessness may be a sign of not having freedom of speech; that doesn’t mean you cannot work in an indoor setting.

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3. You can’t work in teams or a good team player.

People may prove to be a good team player when reached for entertainment; however, the story is entirely different on the corporate side. Some people love to work alone without being interrupted. Others may play as a team player. Hence, if you are good at guiding your colleagues and acquaintance to do better and can’t withstand anyone telling you what to do, don’t stick your neck in a 9 to 5 job. Be an inspiration and make followers.

4. You are unable or ok to sit in one place for 8 hours.

Like me, if you believe that life is to explore. You cannot spend working the whole day seated at a desk. If you feel the same way, 8-hour job is not for you. The world economy is not just dependent upon a 40-hour pattern. Some great achievers turned the tables by saying a permanent Goodbye to the office sectors. So 8-hour sitting may be ideal for those who like to keep a routine and straightforward life playing safe and planning a career path, if you are haywire, go for the way your heart leads you to.

5. You have a habit of being on time or late.

Some people value time as the most precious thing in life. Undoubtedly, time is money and those people achieve more by organizing tasks and being on a schedule to play safe. Other may find a hard time adjusting to a corporate life cycle. Being late may tag you as careless or irresponsible. Here time is the most valuable currency. If you don’t get this thing, then there is no scope for you in the world of 9 to 5 environment.

6. You feel like a caged animal in office or enjoy indoors.

Initially, when you get your dream job, things will be like “OMG!! It’s so good!” later on, you will start feeling like you are stuck in an endless sea of papers, files, disks, printers, and you want to run out of the building screaming for help.

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Are You A Good Fit To 9 To 5 Work World?

Some people may love small cubic holes while others are free birds and office premises make them an angry bird. They are born to fly! If you feel trapped in the office, you desperately need to switch to an outdoor job and free yourself from the mandate sitting of a single space. Pack your bag and try freelance photography if you love to travel.

7. You like working regimented hours or not.

There is a variety of jobs that requires you to punch in and punch out every day makes you feel stat. Also, multiple roles want you to cover a shift. If this type of job is making you nuts, then you should consider a new business line. If you don’t want to switch a good job, then give a pitch to your senior and convince them to provide you with flexible working hours. Move strategically and be non-pushy to get your agenda approved.

8. Spreadsheets make you sick or you love numbers.

Most sales personals love selling but hate the paperwork. Even some of them get terrified when it comes to making a spreadsheet. Companies don’t hire professionals who don’t like to work in MS Office or other software. So if you are afraid numbers and papers, or annoyed with the pile of documentation, then consider outsourcing if you still want to be a part of your organization. Also, get yourself trained to reduce you fear. After all, top-level managers don’t care about your choices, business is business for them, and a business runs on documentations.

Are You A Good Fit To 9 To 5 Work World?

Advice from the Experts

It doesn’t matter if people worm into your head the formula of success as a must-have 9 to 5 job if you are not getting into it – don’t waste time. Be creative, strategic and brave to take the initiative and redefine your career goals by making your own path.


It’s not the 17th century, where patience and hard work was the key to success. It is 2019, and here, smartness is the key. The faster you will make a decision, the earlier you will succeed. If the 9 to 5 job is not for you, then you have to change yourself to adjust or be an entrepreneur to succeed.

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Stella Lincoln is a single mother and a professional academic writer. She is working as a part-time Academic Advisor at Academist Help. She loves to remain in touch with the latest corporate trends and likes to spend time with her pet, Ellie.

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