Return To The Past – WoW Classic

WoW Classic

Video game developer mega-corporation Blizzard has finally opened classic servers for WoW. Or World of Warcraft. WoW is the biggest and by far the longest running MMO, with a user base that fluctuates around the million mark. Though has hit peaks of over 10 million. It is no understatement to say that users are ravenously loyal, with many almost considering the game a way of life.

Of course, as with all MMOs, WoW has gone through many phases. It has seen expansion after expansion, and update after update. But, with the opening of Wow Classic, which returned the game to its very first incarnation, fans are through the roof with excitement.

Why?Classic WoW Is The Best Wow

It is no secret that WoW strayed significantly from what first made it popular. A constant, relentless quest to expand the game, and keep users interested, resulted in multiple diversions. But a problem the developers faced is that dedicated players continued to reach the peak of what the game had to offer, and so quickly grew bored. As a counter to this, efforts were made draw out each expansion packages. Or to put it bluntly; an emphasis was put on grind and RNG. Though, not the enjoyable type of RNG as seen in the casino slots online Brasil.

But it was never the grind or RNG that enticed players in the first place. Rather, it was the social interactions and the core focus on cooperative strategy. So as the game progressed and strayed from what made it popular, players began to lose interest and fade away.

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Naturally, Blizzard saw the waning player base and decided to take some drastic action.

Warts And All

Though, players who jumped into WoW Classic realised a few things quickly. Blizzard made the experience 100% identical to how the game was upon first release. This meant that all the small quality of life updates that had happened since were also gone. User interface tweaks, inventory management tools, and more, were all gone. The correct term is; WoW Classic, warts and all.

Many are astonished at just how much the game has really changed over the years, and how many of those tweaks were made in order to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Plus, the original character models are all back, in all their old-school polygonal glory. Some think that WoW hasn’t had much of a graphical update over the years, but they are about to be reminded just how much has been tweaked since the first release.

Still A Blast

But even with warts and all, millions of players are returning to the game as it first was, and having their passion rekindled. Some are claiming to be playing the game for the first time in years, and being reunited with companions they had long since lost touch with.

If anything, that WoW Classic can still receive so much attention, after all these years, should be an indication that it isn’t graphics or user interfaces that draw players to MMOs, but rather the enjoyment of exploring a world with friends.

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