How to Get Best Result from SEO Strategy

How to Get Best Result from SEO Strategy

If you want to get the quick and easiest result from your SEO strategy, the first thing which comes in mind is Keywords. But SEO is more than just keyword ranking, if you are continuously working on keyword optimization and still you are not getting the desired results. Then you must consider other factors that may affect the SEO ranking. We cannot deny the impact of SEO has on today’s marketing landscape.

Before creating and implementing any SEO strategy first thing you need to understand “What exactly an SEO is?”, how well a digital marketing agency Noida implement on any business to get the desired results.

What is SEO and Why a Business Need it?

What is SEO and Why a Business Need it?

“Right SEO can make or break any online business”

Optimizing a website and content to perform well in search engine results. There are two types of SEO viz On-page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO.

On-Page: It is something that we can control on the website such as page title, description, content, layout, etc.

Off-Page: Mainly consist of the links that a marketer builds on different sources available on the internet.

A successful implementation of on-page and off-page can get your business website a desired result.

In this digital era, most of the business is moving online. As we all know most of the search engines serve millions of users per day for information or the query they have been looking for.

SEO Also Means Better User Experience

SEO Also Means Better User Experience

SEO not only means the business website usability and better google ranking but few business owners realize that world-class user experience is a key aspect of getting there.

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Google is now looking for the user experience and considers it important for website success. If a customer does not find what he/she is exactly looking for on the website then it is going to be problematic for the website performance in front of the search engines.

Key Takeaway: Do not create a full website in flash, as it will look good for desktop but it will invisible for search engines as well as for the iOS device users. Make your website neat and clean, easy to use for the visitors will decrease your website bounce rate.

Focus on Local SEO for Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

Focus on Local SEO for Engagement, Traffic & Conversions

Local business becomes a fundamental part of any online business, as we all know there is an increase in mobile device usability. Local SEO will allow people to find your business in a quick and effective manner which ultimately increases user engagement, traffic, andconversions. It allows you to optimize your listing according to geographical needs.

Get google or other search engine local business listing, optimize your website content with cities or area-specific. Get high quality backlinks from websites in the same country on which you are operating.

Key Takeaway: if you have a brick and mortar business, get your business online and have a local SEO strategy for it.

Give Priority to Content Optimization

Give Priority to Content Optimization

Search engine algorithm gives importance to the website having high quality content. Create content which has optimized headings, subheadings, title, and descriptions. Use your local search keywords as well as the main keywords in the content, keeping keyword proximity, prominence, and density in mind. Content creation should be intended to keep in mind about readers, not the bots, as keyword stuffed content will have the greater chance of getting penalized.

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Key Takeaway: Create more and more high-quality content than competitors and make each webpage fully optimize.

Website Load Speed

Website Load Speed

Users will leave your website it if takes more than just extra second to load, this will increase website bounce rate and it will hurt your website ranking on search results. There are several ways to lower your website load time.

  1. Web Host: Choose the best web host for your website according to your website needs.
  2. Image Optimization: Images with too heavy size require a long time to load as well as takes more data. Prefer compressed and optimized images for your website.
  3. Optimize Code: If your HTML/CSS is too dense then it will lower your website load time.

There are several tools available online to check website load speed such as, gtmetrix, etc.

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