Do You Need A Gaming Mouse?

Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming in the PC world, some players take things very seriously. There are mechanical keyboards, surround sound headphones, and an enormous range of gaming mice. Some of these gaming mice can look like something out of a science fiction film, with numerous buttons, adjustable weights, and much more. Needless to say, they can also be outrageously expensive.

There is no question that they are impressive to behold, but are they really needed in order play well? Or to put it another way; is there any real advantage to using an expensive gaming mouse?

What Are The Benefits?

The most obvious benefit of a gaming mouse is the added buttons. A standard mouse has only two, plus a scrolling wheel. This is fine for online casino NZ sites, and even for casual gamers. For the casual, the available buttons and scroller are normally a case of shoot mapped to one button, reload mapped to the other, and weapon select mapped to the scrolling wheel. A standard setup that works.

The problem is that many modern games have more than just these functions to cover. What about throw grenade, melee attack, or any other functions? Yes, there are numerous available keys, but a keyboard has only so much space available before you have to stretch your fingers. In the world of professional gaming, stretching your fingers isn’t going to cut it. Seconds are precious, after all.

The solution is obvious; more buttons on your mouse.


Much is made of the incredible accuracy offered by a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse uses a higher DPI setting, dots per inch, than a standard mouse. This means, in a nutshell, that higher accuracy is possible. This is important when fast aiming and response times are needed, such as in a first person shooter.

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Though, above a certain level, no one mouse will be more accurate than another. There is only so high a DPI count that can be taken into consideration. So even the most basic gaming mouse will likely offer an equal level of accuracy. In other words; no amount of money will make a mouse more accurate above the most basic model.

The Conclusion

If you play games and wish you had more buttons on your mouse, then you could probably benefit from having a dedicated gaming mouse. Likewise if you are playing a shooter, and wish your mouse was more responsive. In this case; get a gaming mouse.

But do keep in mind that a lowest entry mouse of this kind is probably going to offer more or less the same experience as the most expensive. A more expensive version may over further customisation, including weighted internal components that balance the mouse, but calling this an added advantage is probably an enormous exaggeration. Anything beyond a basic entry level gaming mouse is likely just overkill.

Though if you feel like you need a bit of overkill, don’t let a simple price tag stop you.

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