6 Warning Signs That You Need 24-Hour AC Repair in Spring TX

As a homeowner, there are always those distant, looming thoughts about what could potentially go wrong with equipment and systems around your property. So, if you have a cooling unit, you may have doubts about the longevity of the device and whether or not you need 24-hour AC repair in Spring, Texas.


Six warning signs you need 24-hour AC repair include little or no airflow, unusual odors, odd noises, the device won’t shut off, you can’t control the temperature from the thermostat, or you can’t turn the air conditioning system on.


You don’t want to deal with the embarrassment of calling a professional HVAC company for a 24-hour AC repair, but on the other hand, you don’t want to ignore a serious issue. It’s up to you as a homeowner to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible about the equipment around your property. Then, you will know exactly what the difference is between an emergency and something that can wait until regular business hours. 


In either case, it is essential to know that you never try and handle an air conditioner repair alone. Trained, qualified technicians should only perform 24-hour AC repair in Spring, TX.


  1. Little to No Airflow


You’ve walked by your ducts or the air conditioner itself, and now you’re wondering why the AC isn’t cool enough. Little to no airflow coming from the device means that you’re likely not feeling the same cooling effects as if it were running efficiently. So what are the reasons for this? Most likely, the equipment is clogged and needs cleaning immediately. Other causes include malfunctioning components. For instance, if your blower fan is broken or failing, the device won’t be able to kick out the air at standard pressure. 


This service can be completed quickly and is often considered a 24-hour AC repair, especially if outdoor temperatures are unbearable. A qualified technician will assess and service the unit or complete a detailed cleaning to ensure more efficient operations.


  1. Unpleasant Odors Point to 24-Hour Emergency AC Repairs


Why is my AC not cool enough? Commonly it’s because your air conditioner is plugged, dirty, obstructed, and it can’t circulate the air quite as it should. If you smell strange odors from your system, there’s likely water mixed with dirt and debris decaying, leading to the unwanted aroma.


An expert technician will open up your unit during your 24-hour emergency AC repair and check to see if this is the case. If it’s found to be the issue, it’s something that they can clean up quickly and get you back to more comfortable temperatures without a considerable expense.


  1. Are the Sounds Coming From Your AC Unit Unfamiliar?


You can hear something from your air conditioning system that doesn’t sound quite right. There aren’t many times that you even notice the noises from your AC, so hearing something that isn’t typical is pretty straightforward. There is never a good reason for your AC to be making noise, and it’s highly likely something is breaking, malfunctioning, or has already failed.


An experienced HVAC contractor will inspect for things like:


  • Damages to parts like the motor fan, contactor relay switch, or fan blades
  • Obstructions or foreign objects in the way of the proper functioning of the system
  • Loose or unbalanced parts 
  • Dirty condenser coils


It’s not for a Texas homeowner to diagnose the sound coming from the air conditioner because if you’re wrong, you could be dealing with more problems than you had at the start. If you want to know how long an AC repair should last, you can know for certain one done by a professional will remain intact and operable for much longer.


  1. Your AC Won’t Shut Off


It seems like every time you check, your air conditioner is running. Sure, it’s warm outside, but it’s never run this much before. So after noticing, you sit and pay close attention to how long and frequently your system kicks on. Then you realize it’s not shutting off at all.


The air filter could be clogged, which is a pretty straightforward fix. However, it could be more serious, like a defective relay switch or evaporator coils that have frozen up. The best option is to call your HVAC tech. They will let you know for sure and give you options for a quick solution.


  1. The Thermostat Isn’t Controlling the Air Conditioner


Most often, if the thermostat won’t control the air conditioner, there’s something wrong with the thermostat. You can check the batteries, but beyond that, an inspection should be done by an HVAC company. It’s more time efficient this way and saves you money. If there is a thermostat issue, most often, the contractor has a replacement on his truck. You will be back up and running with just one service call.


Your air conditioner may also be keeping the thermostat from operating because something is stopping the electrical connection. Again, it’s an air conditioning repair done by experts if you can’t locate an obvious problem in normal operational areas. Never inspect or handle electrical components. It’s dangerous, and you could end up injured or with more extensive repairs required.


  1. Your AC System Will No Longer Turn On


Arguably the most noticeable and common reason people call for a 24-hour AC repair is that their system won’t turn on at all. In excruciating temperatures outdoors, it doesn’t take long for the temperatures inside to rise. Gaining just one hour of heat per hour in 80-degree temperatures makes the building uncomfortable and, in some cases, unsafe. If you can’t turn your air conditioning equipment on the way you usually would, then you have to call in a professional right away.


Always Leave 24-Hour AC Repair to Trained Spring HVAC Technicians


Why is my AC not cool enough? What causes my AC to stop working? What is actually considered a 24-hour AC emergency requiring repair? If these are some of the questions circling your thoughts when occupying your home or commercial building, a qualified heating and cooling contractor is the most appropriate resource. 


Find one you trust in your neighborhood, so you can contact them whenever there’s an issue with your residential or business cooling system.

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