7 Basic Pieces of Gym Equipment Ideal for Home Workout

7 Basic Pieces of Gym Equipment Ideal for Home Workout

Staying fit and healthy are two of the major things you must work on for your general well-being. Whether you’re committed to cardio workouts, yoga, pilates, and so on and so forth, being physically active is a good privilege for your body.

However, getting in shape is one of the biggest challenges that busy people face nowadays. Either you’re busy at work, or at school, you’ll definitely find it hard to allocate some time for working out.

But, if you’re absolutely determined and willing enough to stay physically active, you can keep up with your daily exercise routine even when you’re at home. All you need to do is to have the right pieces of gym equipment and a great dose of determination.

So, read further and find out how you can bring home the gym vibes for an accessible, and most convenient workout.

1. Exercise ball

The exercise ball, or Swiss ball, is a piece of good gym equipment that enhances your stretching exercises and abilities. This ball is repleted with air and is composed of soft elastic with a diameter of roughly 14 to 34 inches or 35 to 85 centimetres.

If you want to improve good coordination and balance, the exercise ball is one of the must-purchased gym equipment to bring home. Primarily, it’s a good help in strengthening the body core muscles – the abdominal muscles and the back muscles.

Other terms: Balance ball, body ball, fitness ball, gymnastic ball, pilates ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, therapy ball, or yoga ball.

2. Dumbbells

This gym equipment is one of the first things you must have in your cart. It’s also perfect if you want to engage yourself in weight training. When it comes to convenience, dumbbells are also a good option since it can be used in pairs or individually.

Being a busy person, you can just grab it somewhere at home whenever you’re free and you’ll surely commit to your fitness goals without going to the gym. Dumbbells are often confused with barbells, well, don’t be, because this gym equipment is much smaller than the barbells.

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3. Kettlebell

If you’re looking for a piece of gym equipment that offers a myriad of strength moves even in a limited or small area, you shouldn’t disregard having a kettlebell. It’s best in building strength and endurance, specifically in the lower back, leg, and shoulders, and it also enhances grip strength.

The kettlebell is ideal for executing many forms of exercises like ballistic exercises that integrate cardiovascular strength and flexibility training. Kettlebell is also a piece of major gym equipment in weight lifting sport or kettlebell lifting.

4. Resistance bands

The resistance band is perfect to intensify your workout even your doing it at home. This gym equipment is an elastic band used for strength training.

It’s ideal especially if you want to intensify your simple home workouts. Usually, resistance bands are placed around the quads, ankles, or knees while doing squats, bridges, or banded walks to shake off those lazy glutes. So, if you think of exercising for a rounder butt, then don’t forget purchasing a resistance band.

5. Treadmill

I believe that this gym equipment can be hailed as one of the most well-known pieces of equipment of all time, the treadmill. For busy people like you, it’s hard to find time walking or strolling around. Well, if you want to keep up with healthier general well-being, then treadmill can be a good help.

It’s perfect for doing cardio workouts at home – and if you’ll make time to give it a try, you’ll surely be surprised by how much sweat it can provide. A treadmill is best to be used for walking or running in place, so, imagine how convenient this gym equipment is!

6. Weighted jump rope

It’s understood that you definitely have no time for taking a jog or walk outside, so, as an alternative to it, you can opt for a weighted jump rope instead. A jump rope or skipping rope is one of the most portable gym equipment you can place in your home.

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A weighted jump rope is a modernised version of the gym equipment in order to add intensity to your exercise. It’s best to use during your free time at home, just take your weighted jump rope and sweat like you’ve done a cardio workout in the gym!

7. Yoga Mat

This gym equipment, yoga mat, is an exceptionally fabricated mat used to prevent your hands and feet from slipping while doing any of your chosen exercises – but mostly it’s used in yoga exercises.

As you purchase one of it, you’ll be surprised by how many exercises you can do with it. Don’t worry if you’re not that knowledgable enough with yoga, a yoga mat is also best used in performing a variety of floor exercises.

Final thoughts:

So, what are you waiting for, huh? Get up and shake off all those unhealthy carbs in your body. With this guide, you’ll definitely have the best gym vibes at the comfort of your home.

No need to make excuses when it comes to getting fit and healthy now that you’ve found out about the best options to keep an active lifestyle. If you have fitness and wellness stories to share, just know that we always want to hear!


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