A Cold Property: 4 Quick Fixes to Warm Up Your Home This Winter


If you dread every winter due to a cold property, it might be time to make small or large changes to your property to warm up your home during the chilly seasons.

If you want to ditch the blankets and avoid expensive energy bills, here are four quick fixes to warm up your home this winter.

1. Double or Triple Glazing

If you often feel a chill from your single pane windows, it might be time to invest in double glazing. It works by featuring an air gap full of gas that will improve insulation between the glass panes. It is believed it will reduce heat loss by 30%, which can lead to a warm up your home, lower energy bills, and a greater property value. It is also an ideal option for blocking out noise, increasing security, and improving both your home’s interior and exterior design.

If, however, your property already features double glazing, you could create a warmer home with triple glazing. The third pane will feature two pockets of gas, which can prevent heat loss and create a much warmer space for you and your family.

2. New Radiators

If your radiators often struggle to warm up your home, it might be time to replace them. It is possible that rust is preventing them from working efficiently, which is caused by a collection of water running through the system. Rather than settling for a cold home, warm up your home by installing new radiators. If you want to add attractive designs that will complement your taste, budget, and interior design, find out more about column radiators in the UK.

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3.  An Attic Insulation

It might shock you to learn that a poorly insulated roof could be the cause of 90% of your home’s heat loss. If you often reach for the blankets during winter or are cranking up your thermostat, consider insulating your attic to retain heat when temperatures plummet.

Attic insulation works by preventing warm air from escaping while stopping cold air from entering rooms across the home. Insulation can be installed in your home in as little as two hours, so it’s a quick and easy fix that you won’t regret.

4. Draught-Proof Doors

Old or poorly fitted doors could contribute to a colder home during winter. If you often feel more than a little chilly during colder seasons, you might need to install draught-proof doors in your home, such as PVC. Alternatively, you could buy a draught excluder or an escutcheon plate that will cover-up a keyhole.

Don’t spend your winter wearing endless sweaters and blankets. Look for ways to warm up your homethis season. The above tips could be a perfect place to start, as they could help you to lower your energy bill, improve your property’s interior, and create a cozy environment. It will allow you and your family to embrace the chilly season, and these tactics could even add value to your home.

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