7 Top Benefits of Wearing an Underbust Corset

7 Top Benefits of Wearing an Underbust Corset

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Achieving a healthy and gorgeous body is every woman’s dream. Women are deeply concerned with achieving the perfect shape for their bodies. As soon as we start losing our original shape (the cuts and curves) because of a few added pounds, we begin to panic.

Fortunately, however, there is a simple fitness remedy for highlighting our perfect curves – an underbust corset.

This is a tight-fitting undergarment which stretches from under the breasts to the hips. It shapes your torso and is an excellent choice for daily wear. You need to wear something on an underbust corset while going out.

Wearing an underbust corset is known to provide physical as well as emotional well-being. Making it a part of your daily lives would make you love your bodies more than ever.

Here are 7 top benefits of wearing an underbust corset:

     1) Aids the Normal Movement of the Upper Body – Since an underbust corset gets adjusted below the breasts, it’s easier to wear it and also to move and sit comfortably. With an underbust corset on, your upper body won’t feel heavy or burdened. Since it does not cover the bust, this undergarment lets you breathe deeply and allows normal lung function.

Hence an underbust corset is an excellent choice for an extended period wear. Since it accentuates and enhances the features of your body, an underbust corset is particularly useful for women with a flat-shaped body. For plus-size women or those with an extra large size, steel boned corsets provide the greatest support for your upper back and waist without compromising on ease.

Steel boned corsets are designed by combining high-quality steel and durable fabrics. Generally, these fabrics are stiffened with steel boning so that the corset tightens at the waist and highlights your curves (the hips and chest).

7 Top Benefits of Wearing an Underbust Corset

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     2) Relieves Menstrual Cramps – You’d be really grateful to this type of corset as it helps in minimizing the pain of menstrual cramps. So, during your menstrual period, with an underbust corset fitted below your breasts, you can very comfortably work, whether in home or office.

What actually happens is that the underbust corset applies light pressure to the lower abdomen. This pressure strengthens the torso and reduces the uterine contractions.

     3) Cures Headaches and Migraines – Enormous and repeated tension near the neck and shoulder areas can cause intense headaches and migraines. These undesired conditions are extremely common in people who sit at a desk or need to stand for long durations throughout the day. In fact, poor posture causes tension inside the shoulder and neck joints and muscles and worsens headaches.

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By wearing an underbust corset, the change in posture prevents the contraction of the spinal nerves. This garment, by improving the posture, releases tension from the shoulders and neck, thus helping to cure the migraines and headaches.

     4) Strengthens the Lower Back – Lower back pain is a common problem which arises mostly due to poor posture. Also, suddenly lifting a heavy object causes such pain. It involves the back muscles, bones and nerves. People experience varying degrees of lower back pain, ranging from a dull consistent ache to a sudden sharp sensation.

Studies have revealed that wearing an underbust corset alleviates lower back pain and improves muscle endurance. The underbust corset  retains the natural (straight) position of the spinal cord, thus eliminating any muscular pains in the back. Furthermore, correct posture enhances your individual personality as with the corset, you stand up taller.

So, make sure to wear an underbust corset into your regular routine, i.e. while working at a desk, watching television, and while doing household chores like making dinner and folding laundry. Over a period of time, you’ll feel much stronger and healthier.

     5) Treats Depression – Wearing an underbust corset gives you a feeling of an everlasting hug, making you feel very secure. This is called deep pressure therapy and is known to help women suffering from depression and general anxiety. The firmness and rigidity of the undergarment make such wearers more confident in their lives, assuring them that their life is more structured. Pressure applied by the corset on the abdomen also alleviates nausea which is one of the symptoms associated with anxiety.

Wearing an underbust corset also helps ward off low self-esteem, one of the causes of depression. The corset provides a good posture and uplifts the confidence and self-image of wearers with low self-esteem.

     6) Shapes the Torso and Hip regions – An underbust corset is extremely useful in shaping the torso and hip regions. On wearing this garment, you’d feel incredibly satisfied as it brings your waist to the natural size.

For beginners, start with the “rule of two”. This means doing waist training two consecutive hours in an entire day, for two weeks. After this period, you will achieve a reduction of two inches in your waist. What’s more, in this duration of two weeks, it doesn’t matter what and how much you eat. So, an underbust corset lets you enjoy your favourite foods.

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Most of us feel comfortable in jeans. If your hips are much larger than the dream measurements and you can’t opt for the skin-tight types, then an underbust corset would surely be your best friend. It compresses the hips, making them look smaller and reduces them to the measurement suitable for wearing the skin-tight jeans.

     7) Available in Flexible Sizes – Buying underbust corsets does not involve any hard and fast rules. In fact, they offer you a range of options for size. In order to achieve the desired results, before buying the most suitably sized underbust corset, make sure to take the measurements of your body.

Underbust corsets are available in two measuring options. Standard-sized corsets give you a perfect fit, while those with adjustable measurements let you customize the size according to your preference.

You can pull off several outfits while wearing an underbust corset. For instance, wear casual maxi dresses with frills and ruffles over this undergarment to highlight your hourglass figure. Thus an underbust corset is an ideal choice for layering for an evening out or on a cute date.

Due to its simplicity, versatility, stability and ease of use, the underbust corset is now a popular trend among the fitness freaks. It is also a popular choice for fashion essentials.

Wearing an underbust corset is certainly an easy and economical way of removing the excess fat around the abdominal and the waist regions. Since it can be worn under tons of outfits, formal as well as casual, this undergarment is the best alternative to various fitness apparel, especially for working women.

An underbust corset is not just a beautiful piece of fabric but a great remedy for your physical, emotional and medical concerns.

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