How to connect canon printer to iphone

How to connect canon printer to iphone

The first thing that the user has to be understood is the use of AirPrint application that will enable the printer to print the emails, photos and documents, and the other web pages that will directly from your Apple device which are like the Ipad, iPhone and iPad touch. Now the user can connect the canon printer with your iPhone devices with the help

What are the steps to connect the canon printer to iPhone:-

1. First thing is that turn on the canon printer after that just connect it with your AC source and then establish a network connection with the help of a network router or the user can use the LAN connection step to stop which is mentioned in

2. Be sure that the printer and iPhone have connected with the same network connection.

3. Now click on the operation icon that will display the options menu in the list.

4. Choose the print option that is given on the menu bar.

5. Then on the print option just select the printer model.

6. After that just set up the necessary print settings and after that just save the changes in the computer.

7. Now just simply click on the print option to print the file with the help of Airprint software.

What are the Steps to connect the Canon Printer With the iPhone:-

If the user wants to print with the help of Airprint then the user must use an iPhone whichever the users have and the user can also use the other apple devices which are like the iPad,iPad and after that the user can connect the printer power cord to the AC source and after that connect it with Then after that just turn on the network router and so after that connect that network router with the DSL cable and the broadband connection. Then establish the network connection and then connect both the printer and the iPhone to the same network connection.

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If the user is using the latest version of the iPhone then there is no need for any additional drivers and the software. The person should make sure that the canon printer and the router the person is using is connected to the same network and other than the AirPrint application

For the open, the item that the user needs to print and after that click on the operation symbol for displaying the menu list and after the various option just choose the printer option to continue it.

While the user is printing a file that has the many pages which are like PDF and then tap the range option for it and then after that tap on all the pages option that select the page the user wants to be print that will be beneficial for the users.

Now just tap on the print button to print the document and while the canon printer for the printing on the document and then click on the printer center icon.

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