5 Big Reasons To Opt For Drone Videography For Wedding Event

Drone Videography

It was DSLRs, high crane and jib cameras that made marriage stories stand out until a few years ago. Yet now, in the air, there’s something else that captures the imagination of challenging couples. Couples prefer high-tech recording devices called drones or drone cameras to bring to their emotionally charged case oodles of attitude and style. This new lightweight gear has been finding space in Indian skies for quite a few years now to turn a wedding video into a cool and captivating thing. The camera-on-air seeks to’ please’ the soon-to-be-weds for their lives by recording with joy and a special flair the many moods of their precious moments. The drone can really help to capture details of the wedding dress from all angles, the elegance of your tailed modest wedding dresses, walking down the aisle can be truly mesmerizing.

The sky is the limit of this strange phenomenon because it flies high in the sky, glides over your back, zooms in and takes the best shots and you don’t even get to see it. This ‘ spy in the sky ‘ is a must-have for its special clicking features in weddings today. The eye-view images of a beautiful bird transform a wedding video into a treasured heirloom. Yet, the drone-obsession is getting higher and higher for those who are excited about dreaming about a celebrity-style wedding. Let’s look at some of the virtues of this chic hardware because of which more and more fans are gathering these days.

#1. A new angle to wedding highlights

Whether a pre-wedding shoot or a wedding film; nothing can negate the power of this remote-controlled system to make the most of your creative clicks. A drone’s sweeping mid-air shots replace those traditional portraits and straightforward shots quite efficiently. This Drone Videography shots the ceremony’s extravagance and aura with its overhead and intricate angles very beautifully.

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#2. Say your vows with a ‘wow’

photo of a man and woman newly wedding holding a balloons

You never thought that having the breathtaking day captured from the sky might have been so great to walk down the aisle. The self-flying quadcopter not only catches your stage, visitors and activities but also various ‘ tempos ‘ to create a beautiful panorama of the entire ceremony. This works with perfection on all the little things and guarantees that the wedding album is picture-perfect.

#3. Cinematic effect

Your wedding shots from the air will send a run for your money to any Bollywood movie. Yeah, this time you don’t have to take a cue from any Bollywood movie to showcase your glamorous wedding’s candid moments. The camera in the sky is enough to give to your extravagance a message and a filmy touch. This sophisticated machine, for the perfect film shots, would surely reward your undying love. With no unnatural poses and a series of classic images, as opposed to a boring wedding shot, there are drones to add an edge to your video.

#4. Fancy to flaunt

The stunning effects of a camera following the couple walking down the aisle and capturing their lovely moments on the stage will amaze your guests like never before. Needless to mention, it will be a big style statement and it will make your wedding a much-talked-about affair for a long time.

If you want to give your footage a magical feel, you can also contact professional wedding video editing services that specialize in post-processing.

#5. Drones make the most of the venue

person holding quadcopter controller

Use a drone to take full advantage of the venue and every element it has to offer. Drone videography offer unique shots and perspectives of the many beautiful places people choose for their special day. Whether an intimate beach wedding or a large event held at a mountainside resort, a drone can capture the best that the venue has to offer. The video below showcases some great footage only drones are capable of.

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It can be a popular wedding attraction in itself Forget the bad cover band. If you really want to make your wedding a unique experience and something that their guests will always remember, a drone can do that. Of course, propellers can make some noise and annoy people. Don’t let the drone overtake the wedding; it should complement the wedding

P.S. But it has its limits

Despite all the positive aspects, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed to fly off this unmanned drone videography. So, after making sure it is allowed in your venue, other factors to consider are space and setting of the venue. In a compact space, enclosed halls or indoor banquets, there is no guarantee that it will not collide with an object or a person. Even though it is safe in expert hands, you cannot completely rely on it. Also, drones are not your full-time photographer either. Double-checking of batteries, lengthy set-up, and its weight make it inadequate to operate full-time. So, it’s just a short video that you can capture with a drone. Also, some of your guests might get irritated by it as it keeps buzzing all the time.

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