How to Choose the Accessories for Your Bridal look? 5 keys

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Once you have your wedding dress, it is time to look for those details that make the bridal set , such as the headdress or jewelry. Balance and harmony are the effects that you must find when you try out the accessories. To make your bridal look unforgettable and engraved in the memory of all the guests, we tell you about the accessories brides can wear to achieve a perfect style.

1. Bridal jewelry

To choose the jewelry for your bridal style, you must bear in mind that these will depend on the style and tone of the dress. As for the colors, the ivory tone of the dresses combines with the gold , the whites with diamond yellow gold, rose gold or silver , the pure whites with silver or pearls , the champagne dresses with gold, silver and semiprecious stones, the colors cakes with rose gold or platinum .

The second link is established with the neckline type. Some styles such as V-neck or U-neck require a collar with slope to enhance their lines. Others like the neckline, heart or boat with a single shoulder, perhaps for their own beauties do not need a striking necklace but a few stylish rings that combine exquisitely with the headdress. If your dress has a halter neck, by itself it looks alone, without collars.

2. Touches to fall in love

To choose the next accessory, you must look for the harmonious balance between headgear and jewelry buy the jewelry from An unspoken rule says that less is more. If the headdress is striking style, then the jewels should be somewhat discrete, and vice versa. Another important tip is that if the headdress bears rhinestones, the metal should be the same tone as the jewelry. If the dress has some silver or gold highlights, it is also a factor to harmonize with the headdress.

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Among the accessories for hair, the proposals that are presented for brides with many. Tiaras for a more classic bridal look , wreaths for romantic brides, bridal ribbons if your style is more of the vintage or hippie chic type, combs with flowers for a collected hairstyle , headdresses with feathers and flowers for a sophisticated and elegant style , among others.

3. Romantic veil

If you are of romantic brides, you will know that the veil is intimately linked with that image. The fabrics are renewed and currently veils are sought with greater natural fall as they can give cotton and silk. There is variety of classic, romantic, elegant or more eclectic styles. The idea is to find the balance with the wedding dress, the height of the bride and her classic hairstyle or more bohemian with loose hair.

4. Comfortable wedding shoes

Before carrying out the last test of the dress, you should have already bought your bridal shoes. Considering all the tips to find comfortable footwear, your personality and the style of the wedding frame the design of your shoes in line with your own potential. Whether booties, classic lounge shoes, platforms or beautiful sandals, the shoes must match the dress, and without falling into the traditional white, here you can add the color.

5. A bouquet for each bride

To make a good choice of the bridal bouquet, there are some keys to guess among so many formats and designs. As in the previous cases, the wedding dress is the main factor. For this you must consider the design, color and texture of the fabrics. The different cuts of dresses are combined with one or two ideas of bouquets.

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The second important point is that the bouquet harmonizes with your silhouette and stature. For example, bouquet or round flowers are recommended for short brides; and the more stylized ones, such as the presentation bouquet, for taller brides. The bouquet must go in perfect balance with the dress, without competing, but highlighting its beauty.

A very fashionable accessory is the belt. If it matches with your dress, you could consider it and look very chic. Check the bridal hairstyles that are trend and that enhance your personal look. Surely you will be beautiful!

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