Tips for Water Heater Maintenance and Fire Safety

Tips for Water Heater Maintenance and Fire Safety

Nearly every home has a water heater installed. Many of the homeowners only notice its existence when it stops working. If you have a water heater at your home, you must know that it can be a reason for home fires.

Other than the temporary discomfort or a shower with cold water, you might have to face a burnt house. It is the most unfortunate of events that can happen at a home. You can avoid such horrible accidents by regular maintenance. If you find the water heater too old or worn out, hire local professionals for water heater installation in Arnold MO.

You must be aware of the fire safety practices involved. Here are 5 basic maintenance tips for water heaters. Missing out any of the following tips is bound to reduce the efficiency of the heater. Keep up with water heaters to keep you and your loved ones warm and safe.

  1. Regular Inspection

Like every other equipment, the water heater must be regularly inspected. Thorough inspections include checking the pipes. Check for leaks in the inlets and outlets.

Joints need careful inspection. Joints often corrode and cause issues. Look for any corrosion. Replace the joints if you find any corrosion.

Traditional water heaters have a temperature and pressure relief valve known as the T&P valve. Check the heater manual to check whether it is working properly or not. Any unusual sounds are indications of underlying issues. Do not ignore these and hire professionals for timely repairs.

  1. Drain the Tank

Water often has sediments. Different geographical areas have varying amounts of sediment in the water. You should know the sediment level of your area to keep up with heater cleaning. You can hire professionals for quality services.

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It is important to flush the water tank regularly to get rid of the sediment. If you wish to keep your water heater unit healthy, install a pre-filter which can trap the sediment before it enters the tank. Cleaning procedure simply involves draining out gallons of water through the drain valve.

  1. Check Anode Annually

Check “sacrificial anode” annually for efficient water heater function. It is a crucial part of this system. Its primary purpose is to protect your water tank from the effects of corrosion. It is a solid, long and narrow metal pipe. It is commonly made up of zinc, magnesium or aluminum.

This metal rod allows itself to be eaten by corrosion, thus it is called as a sacrificial anode, and protects the water tank against it. When your water heater is older than 3 years, check the anode regularly. If it is completely eaten away, replace it. Hire heater repair services to get it replaced. If you have the proper skill, give it a try yourself.

  1. Keep Flammable Materials Away

Here comes the fire safety. The water heater is hot and any flammable material around it can cause a fire. It is suggested to keep all flammable materials away from the heater.

Few of the household examples are oily rugs, paints and gas cans. Water heaters are mostly placed in garages or basements so special attention must be given to its surroundings.

  1. Learn About Switches

In case a fire starts, you need to switch off the heater as soon as possible. This is only possible if you are well aware of its location and switches. Every household member must know the procedure to shut it off.

  1. Keep the Area Ventilated
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Other than the regular air duct cleaning of the water heater, you must keep the area ventilated for safer homes.

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