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You are offering our best online accessories from the online auto accessories store, which not just provides you solutions to your daily problems but also saves so much of your time. It thus helps you deal quickly and easily.

AmiciAuto Puncture Repair Tools Kit for Tubeless Tyre

Puncture Repair Tools

This offers a perfect Complete Kit for Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair problems. It Includes top Quality Nose Pliers To remove either nails or any sharp objects in case they stuck onto the tire. It also includes the Rubber Cement that will be able to offer a more exceptional grip. So, it contains a Metal Cutter to cut down the rubber, which is in excess. For less worry of the user, it provides extra puncture stripes. So that one can enjoy their journey for long durations.

AmiciAuto Extreme Winter Full Leg Knee Protector, Waterproof and Wind Proof for Motorcycle, Bike, and Scooter

Full Leg Knee Protector

This Leg knee protector helps to protect your legs and knees in Extreme Cold Winter climate so that you don’t feel the kind of cold to your skin, offering you better comfort. It made of an Excellent quality of thermal fabric material capable of handling up to sub-zero temperature as well.

Its Stretchable design helps to make it a better fit universally for everyone. Due to its simple Scientific design, it ensured that it makes everyone comfortably fit and also helps in the free movement of knees. The presence of a protective gear helps in avoiding bruises and minor injuries if a slight fall occurs by chance. One can be holding onto this for its multiple protection solutions.

The presence of Fluorescent reflectors is an added advantage like the Cherry on the cake because it not just glows but acts as a safety help during the night rides and early morning journeys.

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AmiciAuto Digital Tyre Pressure Tester Air Meter Gauge Tool for Car & Bike Black

Digital Tyre Pressure Tester

Why should one have this:

This helps to Maintain correct pressure in the tire so that Its life tyre increases by up to 25%. Besides, it increases the fuel economy and also helps improve the overall performance when one is driving.

Quite a simple usage:

Press the “ON/UNIT/OFF” button for the required controls, and these automatically shut off within 60 seconds in case it is found to be not in use.

Digital crystal bright display:

It offers an instant, accurate display as compared to the analogy of a pressure gauge meter. It includes the used battery – 1x CR2032 battery.

AmiciAuto DC 12V 100W Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner With Wire/Wireless Switch

Multifunctional- amiciAuto DC 12V 100W

amiciAuto DC 12V 100W

This Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner helps you clean dust or any other particles from your car and helps in drying out water as well. What you are expected to do is to connect to the cigarette lighter plug, and you are exact.

Easily Portable– this is a Lightweight product that is compact and can easily fit in a car even you go in a group of people.

Design– It comes in the shape of a sports car this vacuum cleaner comes with 5M extended wire. With this, you can easily reach any nook and corner of your vehicle for cleaning out the unwanted debris.

Types of equipment– amiciAuto Vacuum Cleaner comers with three different connectors for auto detailing and cleaning applications, it is said to be ideal for both dry and wet cleaning applications.

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Warranty -this offers the product warranty of six months over any manufacturing or technical defects!

AmiciAuto Digital Tire Inflator with LED Light Auto Cut 12V, 120W, Black

Digital Tire Inflator

Auto cut off: – this helps you set your desired pressure, and once you notice that the pressure reaches the absolute value, the inflator smart shut off automatically when the proper tire pressure one has set up achieved.

The faster rate of inflation:

The Inflator that is set up has 10-amp 120-Watt motor, which inflates a typical car tyre within 4 minutes with the help of a 3-meter wire. It’s necessary equipment during emergencies wherein usually an accurate tire pressure will help enhance the tire life and mileage of the vehicle as well. A portable and compact design makes it easy to carry even during long travel journeys.

AmiciAuto tire pump:

It comes with three different nozzles with Almost 3m power cord, allows to reach all tires of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and truck. Also, sports ball equipment and other inflatables. Three adapters included.


This product is valid for guarantee under one year against all technical and manufacturing defects.


These products not just make your work more comfortable but also make things done faster. And these are provided with a due warranty so that one can rely on these. Also, an additional advantage is that the automotive factor of these makes the result better

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