How to use Varifocals for protection against the effects of Computer screens?

varifocal lenses

Varifocals are glasses with modern vision solutions and talking of modern vision, there are few modern eye problems that cease to stop you from working. If you are a person who loves to binge-watch Netflix shows or work on your computer or laptop for the day and even sometimes at night, then you are bound to develop eye-strain, headaches or dry-eyes and even all at once.

It’s very common among teenagers and even older adults because technology usage has significantly increased compared to last year. People with work that involves computers work against these screens for 8 to 9 hours a day for five days a week, their eyes go completely dry and start to get itchy every now and then. Their willingness to work or continue to work regressive decline and they start to deviate from doing work. The focus or the high concentration required to do any task with willingness is somewhere lost and the constant eye-strain and headaches make their body filled with uneasiness. What could possibly be the reason behind such obstruction in work and eyesight condition worsening? You can prevent that with any glasses type like varifocal lenses, single vision lense or non-prescription glasses.

Blue light rays and their harmful effects on your eyes

Blue light rays are emitted from the screens of all digital devices and it directly penetrates the retina of the eyes and turns it dry, causing fatigue and headaches. It not only causes these smaller discomforts but it all adds up to turn into a progressive vision loss, though it’s rare depending on your situation. It creates a disruption in your sleeping pattern and keeps you awake by suppressing the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

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How do Blue light glasses save your eyes?

Blue light glasses are glasses with anti-reflective coating that blocks out harmful blue light rays that are on its way to penetrate into your eyes. Blue light is a filter that is coated on all types of glasses or lenses such as a varifocal lens or single vision to help people cope and prevent such uncomfortable eye condition.

Blue light filters also get back your normal and healthy sleeping pattern and eradicate painful eye condition which you causally feel while working on your computer. It’s especially helpful for professionals who spend more hours in their day looking at the screens or for people who utilize smartphones for work or entertainment. With a pair of glasses with a blue light filter, you’ll escape serious eye diseases and rock out some beautiful design and pattern with some designer frames. You don’t need to do any major life changes or go for surgery but simply add another fashion accessory to your wardrobe.

Can your Varifocals turn to be good for computer work?

Varifocals would be great for computer work with a blue light filter coating on its lenses. You don’t need to do any major changes to your glasses, just get your prescription varifocals online with an essential add on of blue light filter and you can continue your work with no disturbance or inconvenience.

Need any varifocals with blue light filters? Head over to Specscart. It offers all sorts of prescription or non-prescription glasses with blue light filters that help you safely do computer work with ease and comfort. All of its lenses are already fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impact resistance. Go ahead and try them for free for up to 4 frames for 7 days and find the favourite one by trying them as much as you can.

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