Explore Great Camping Experience in Georgia

Georgia, till 1995, was better known as the Republic of Georgia. Located at the cusp of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, the country of Georgia is surrounded by the Black Sea to its west. It has its neighbours as Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The country boasts of a Persian heritage from the 11th and 12th centuries. Due to this fact, it is a country steeped in cultural and scenic places that are readily available for the world to experience. Apart from historical sites, Georgia hosts some of the most loved camping and trekking sites around the world. People of all age groups, especially hiking and camping enthusiasts, travel to Georgia to experience its scenic beauty. 

The best time to visit Georgia is the seasons of summer and spring. It takes you far away from the stresses of the overbearing city life and rejuvenates you by treating you to the scenic outdoors. Georgia is abundant with camping sites that are along the waterfronts, beaches, lakes, and nature parks. The water parks have a flurry of activity during the summer months like kayaking, paddle boats, fishing, or boating in the middle of the lakes. 

Let us take you through some camping sites which have in store a unique experience that makes it worth your while. 

Lake Lanier Islands

The Lake Lanier Islands are located at Buford and are one of the most popular places to go camping in Georgia. There are three different campsites here – Blue Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, and Shoal Creek. While beautiful forest scenes surround the first two, Shoal Creek has a more picturesque view since it is at the lakefront. It has a combination of both kinds of camping sites – electric and basic. All campsites have hygienic restrooms, shower stalls, barbeque grills, and many picnic tables. All the campsites have a free boat ride access. It’s an excellent place for group activities which is replete with the water park, the spas, for and even television for entertainment. 


Skidaway Island 

Skidaway Island is located at a small yet prominent place city called Savannah. Savannah is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia due to its quaint shops, restaurants, Northern Lights Iceland and heritage sightseeing tours. Along with the typical routine stuff at Savannah, you must include a trip to the Skidaway state park for its outdoorsy fun and games that will take you light years away from the hectic life. Skidaway state park is filled with little trickles of water, native scene, and trees that have Spanish moss hanging off of them. It’s a great getaway for hiking, trekking, and becomes a soulful retreat during the night time as well. 


Oconee Campground

Oconee is a campsite like none other. It is a truly unique experience with no fancy camping experience; it is very primitive. Oconee is located at Greensboro and has a reputation for being a very budget-friendly camping place to book. There are only five tents for accommodation which are very close to the waterfront. Since there is water, there are picnicking and boating activities as well. Due to its primitive approach and theme, drinking water needs to be carried in abundance since it isn’t available at the campsite. The nearest town is Greensboro, which is roughly 26kms away from where you can find stores for your basic needs. The reason this site is considered budget-friendly is that the tariff to stay per night is just $5, which is a steal for a campsite. 

High falls state park

In the far south east of Georgia lies one of the best camping and fishing destination of Macon. Camping here is to camp right next to a cascading waterfall in your view, which makes the experience mesmerizing. Boating activities here include boat rentals, ramps, and docks that encourage fishing. In and around this lake are many small campsites that are perfect with the lake view. Uniquely, they have a swimming pool where guests can cool themselves off before proceeding further with other attractions. During the summer and spring, they host different annual events like canoe paddles, paddle boarding for professionals and beginners, and kayaking with instructors.  

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Well, for your next vacation, fire up the adventurer in you and head to Georgia for one of the most magical camping experiences. 

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