7 colorful lighting ideas for your entire home

7 colorful lighting ideas for your entire home-

They say that our homes are a source of our happiness. They are an extension of our personalities. A home with tastefully done interiors indeed gives us immense joy. Once your lighting is done get some home décor items at Apex Metal Signs.

Many things go into a well-decorated home. Most of the time, we decorate our living space according to our taste and preference. Be it medieval or contemporary; good interiors can add quite a charm to your living space. You may have taken months and gone through an endless number of brochures to get everything right. From your carefully curated art pieces to decide on a scheme, everything coming together to create a perfect look will give you something to cheer for.

Though the furniture and the color scheme is an integral part of the interiors of your space, there is one crucial thing to look upon as well. Choosing the right kind of lighting is essential.

Lighting up your space with the right kind of fixtures will help get your interior game up a notch. Lighting is an essential part of any home. You may have several options for light in the market. However, choosing the one that will illuminate all the useful areas in your space can make a whole lot of difference.

Just like the other aspects of interior decoration, lighting has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when dull white lights were a staple. The current trend in the market is of colorful lighting. Funky lighting in certain areas of your home will give the place a relaxed vibe. Find out how you can artistically incorporate bright lighting in your home interiors.

1) Colorful LED lighting-

The LED lighting is the latest technology in lighting. The reason for LED light being so popular is because It is cost-effective and uses less energy. But why restrict yourself with plain white LEDs? There are several colorful LEDs available on the market. For the adventurous lot, color-changing LEDs are a trend now. You can incorporate bright LEDs in your living area or even your entertainment area, where you entertain your guests. It will give your place a cozy vibe along with making people feel at home.

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2) Neon deco lights-

If you want to incorporate colors into your space with the help of some lighting, you can choose neon lights. You can use these stand-alone pieces to light up a section of your home. Be it a decorated artfully wall or a corner, a neon deco light will complete the look. You can use them to decorate a part of your bedroom as well. A correctly chosen neon light will look fabulous when placed above the dresser or a headboard. Just make sure not to include too many pieces in your space. Also, the color scheme of the neon light should go well with the other interiors. If you are opting for a funky color neon light, you have to see to it that the walls are neutral in color.

3) String lights-

String lights

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Strings lights have taken up the Instagram world by storm. They are the most subtle way to make a massive difference in your interiors. Their ease of use and versatility is what make them a hit among Millenials. String lights come in a variety of colors. Also, you can use them both indoors as well as outdoors. You can easily use colorful string lights in your outdoor seating area with the help of a flat extension cord. You can use string lights to create a feature wall. An unusual version hung against wooden backdrops make for charming wall decor. String lights are an easy way to highlight a decor piece or some memorabilia like photographs in your living area.

4) Floor lamps-

Floor lamps

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Floor lamps are a bigger version of lampshades. They are a great way to light up a dark corner. Floor lamps come in a variety of lighting shades. If you have included a cozy reading corner in your home, placing a floor lamp will help illuminate the place and make it look artistic. A reading book with a carefully selected floor lamp is the best way to have some alone time or have intimate conversations with your loved one.

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5) Wall sconces

If you want to add some contemporary light fixtures into your space, wall sconces are an excellent way for doing so. These wall mounted lights are a great way to light up a small space or a wall. Wall sconces come in many varieties. You can choose from colorful orbs that run through a particular partition. A sculptural wall sconce will provide you with adequate lighting as well as add to the decor.

6) Colorful accent lighting-

Colorful accent lighting

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Accents in false ceilings are usually fitted with white lights. But these accents are a great way to incorporate some color in your living space. Adding colored lighting in the accents of your kitchen ceiling will help make your kitchen look larger. Also, if you have used a fair amount of white in your kitchen interiors, these colorful accent lightings will make the kitchen look rather inviting.

7) Color panel lighting-

Color panel lighting is a subtle way of incorporating colored lighting in your living space. This kind of lighting is where colored glass panels are fitted over regular white light. You can use this lighting in areas with the maximum footfall, such as the staircase or hallways. Incorporating them in such places will lend an interesting twist to these places which are usually left plain. Also, they will not interfere too much with the other interiors as well.


Colorful lighting is an excellent way to glam up your living space. However, you should use them with caution. Overdoing them will make your whole area look gaudy and uninviting. Just the right amount of colorful lighting will make your home cheerful and artistic.

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