6 Fun Travel Inspired Home Decor Tips

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As home-owners, we always try inventing unique ideas to decorate and redecorate our heavenly abode. One of the unique designs is to paint living spaces with a travel theme! To transform it into a mirror reflecting our individualistic style, incorporating a travel-style artwork, various DIYs fine arts, maps and postcards, antique luggage, as well as travel pictures.

1.Travel boxes of old-era

These old – era luggage solve your storing issues. Also, they add to the little vintage charms in your living spaces. You can utilize them wisely by stuffing your comforters and woolens, which take up all the other areas in your cupboards. This is one type of home décor, which will stay for long. This antique luggage adds a lot of charm and importance to your living area. You can also plan to utilize one as a coffee table!

2. Antique Suitcases’ racks

If you are an ardent admirer of the furnishing of your house with antique suitcases, but then there is a shortage of space, you can opt to transform it to racks or shelves. These are going to pep-up your rustic décor. It is an exciting home décor idea, as your room will have ample space to move around. A set of three can be purchased together so that the coordination can be there. They can then be fitted on your walls after the painting is over.

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3. Picture postcard Art Gallery

While you travel around the whole, you tend to collect picture postcards as a souvenir. They are the easiest keepsakes which you bring back from your trips world-wide. So, instead of stuffing them in your drawers, it is a wise idea to display them, by altering your rooms into an art gallery. This home décor idea is simple yet innovative. It will fit into your décor. Picture fitting tools are readily available to help you further.

  1. Travel Polaroid photos
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History repeats, and so does Polaroid! Just by buying Polaroid photo-papers, and with the aid of a photo printer, you can relive your moments. You will find us gifted with vibrant, unique pictures, and you can then display them all –over your house, as you wish. There are many photo-hanging organizers, hooks, and LED string lights to enhance them. Another idea is to put together the several displays of your travel Polaroid pictures, you can separately display them in each room, as per continent!

Antique Bent of mind

Opt for a set of world map canvases rather than the standard ones, and give a sophisticated look to your house. Displaying on your walls the historic scratch-off map of the world will showcase the antique Bent of your mind. If you happen to countries like Paris, London or New York, you ought to have a couple of them. It has become a new-age trend, and if you want to personalize this trend, try going for a set of historical maps. If you are planning to visit some of these places shortly, once you land in your traveling location, purchase an antique-style map, and keep on marking your adventures. It can also include the streets or the bistros you explore. All the craftiness required is your ability to trace certain lines!

  1. Message in a Bottle

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The idea of decorating your home with message jars are innovative and chic. They are inexpensive while displaying beautiful personalized displays. Try adding souvenirs to make it look like a treasure hunt for kids.

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We are all gifted with various ideas of how our dream house would be. Some of us have lovely lawns, while others are smart with modern-day designs. The above discussed six fun travel-inspired home décor tips will help you realize some of the ultimate home decorating fancies. These can be used for interior design in a small house also for the bachelor living in their own small homes.

These unique ideas run from wisely hidden storage spaces to multi-utility furniture. Designing your living space ideas are unending as long as it implements in real life.

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