How To Work Remotely If There Are Children In The House


Consider a few tips for those parents who work from home and watch over their children.

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  1. Get up early. It is best to get up a couple of hours before the baby wakes up. You can use this time to plan your working day or to perform any important task without being distracted by the child.
  2. Stick to your daily routine. Remote work does not mean that you should abandon the usual daily routine. Follow the same routines as on regular business days when you go to work. Even if the child is near, set yourself up for work. Try to devote as much time to work as on regular working days.
  3. Use your child’s daytime sleep for work. Make important calls at this time or perform tasks that require a lot of concentration. If your child is already big enough and does not sleep during the day, come up with some sort of quiet activity for him. Invite him to read an interesting book or play a game.


4. Be flexible. Sometimes, despite all your efforts, the child does not go to bed during the day and does not want to read. In this case, you need to be flexible and make changes to your schedule. Finish your work when the child falls asleep at night, or in the morning, before his awakening.

5. Ask for help. Sometimes situations happen when you cannot work and keep an eye on the child. You can ask someone from relatives (for example, the grandmother) to keep an eye on your child for several hours or the whole day, depending on how busy you are at work.

6. Arrange your workplace. You may find it convenient to work while sitting on the couch. However, working in comfortable conditions is not the best solution, especially if your child is sitting nearby and watching TV or playing. Equip a special workplace at home. This will help you not to be distracted during work. Working in a specially equipped place, you will not ruin your posture. Each time you finish work and get up from your workplace after a working day, you will have a sense of finality.

7. Pay attention to the child. Working remotely can be difficult. If the child wants your attention, he will distract you from work until he receives it. In your free hours, spend time with your child and pay attention to him. Think of how to entertain him. The main advantage of remote work is that you can work and at the same time be close to the child.

8. Think up interesting activities for your child. Encourage your child to play different games, as well as do something that does not require your presence. You can teach him to read, draw, solve puzzles, collect puzzles or other activities. You should have things at hand with which you can take a child for a long time.

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9. Be prepared for the unexpected. When a child is nearby, something unexpected can always happen, even if you have planned everything well. Teach your child non-verbal signals that will ьean that you are busy, and you can’t talk or make noise. During working hours, you can, for example, hang a sign on the door of your room so that the child does not enter. If you have an important call, turn off background noise in your phone’s settings.

10. Create a daily routine for your child. When a child does not go to kindergarten or school, his usual daily routine is violated. Therefore, you must create a daily routine for him. Set time for eating, sleeping, and other activities. This will help you keep track of your routine and keep your child busy all day.

11. You can allow your child to use electronic devices more. If you have an important call or an urgent work task, you can let your child play computer games or watch TV. You may feel guilty about this, but these measures are necessary to complete the work on time.

12. Separate your roles. When you work remotely, do not mix the roles of mom and coworker. Give each role a specific time, but separate them. Otherwise, you may feel that you cannot cope with either raising a child or working tasks. When you work, the child should not be near (best of all – in another room). When you finish work, leave your workplace and spend time with your child.

13. Enlist the support of your husband. If you both work remotely, tell your husband about your daily routine so that you can work together. Separate your household responsibilities and the time you will spend with your child. Let each of you take turns babysitting and doing this or that housework.

In addition, you can take advantage of the following practical tips to help you better plan your day and work more productively.

14. Plan time for breaks. Every 2-3 hours of work, plan 15-minute coffee breaks. Also plan a lunch break. This will make the workflow less monotonous and allow you to recover. Do not shorten the breaks. For example, if your lunch break is 45 minutes and you still have time, play with your child before returning to work.

15. Change clothes before sitting down for work. Wear clothing that makes you feel at work. It is difficult to concentrate on work tasks when you work in pajamas or home clothes. In this regard, the clothes in which you usually go to work can work miracles.

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16. Keep in touch with colleagues. When you are in the office, you constantly communicate with colleagues. Continue to do this when working remotely. If you work in a team, discuss current tasks with colleagues and inform them of the progress of work. Use messengers or video conferencing programs (Skype, Zoom, etc.) for this.

17. Do not sit at home within the walls. You can open the windows to allow more sunlight and fresh air to enter the room. You can also take a short walk in a park nearby if there is any. After returning home, do not forget to wash your hands.

18. Control the time you spend doing housework. Of course, you need to keep the house in order, but you should not spend all your time on it. Spend time on household chores and work, otherwise such multitasking will not bring any results.

19. Maintain a balance between work and leisure. After working hours leave the workplace. Even when you work from home, it is important to maintain a balance between work and personal life. In addition, when you plan your work tasks for the next day and leave your workplace, you will have a feeling of a productive day.

20. After work, follow your usual daily routine. Previously, the journey from office to home took some time. At this time, you can read, listen to music, cook dinner, or do something else. Reward yourself at the end of the day with a pleasant experience.

21. Allow yourself to relax a bit. Do not scold yourself for the fact that during work you have to be distracted by a child or some other household chores. Remember: while working in the office, you too can be distracted by something. Do not worry about this and continue your work.

22. Getting started, make sure that you have all the necessary technical equipment at hand. If you work remotely, you may need a laptop, charger, mouse, phone, etc. Make sure that the laptop has all the necessary programs for working and video conferencing with colleagues. Check if the Internet is working.

Remote work can be difficult if the child is always with you. It seems to you that you have absolutely no personal boundaries. However, working from home can be productive if you can plan your day, be flexible and prepared for unforeseen situations. Follow the recommendations above – and you can work remotely and look after the child.

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