Tips to Choose your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Ever wondered when a wedding cake became such a big deal? It is revealed that they have been around since ancient Rome; Really. The tradition of wedding cakes actually goes back to ancient Rome when a cake made of barley or wheat would break over the bride’s head as a symbolic gesture of good luck. 

With so many unique designs and new flavors all the time, it can be overwhelming to know which style of wedding cake you want for your wedding! Here are some points to consider when choosing the perfect cake for your big day.

Find your baker

Word of Mouth is a tried and true way to find Baker. The first and foremost thing is to find a renowned baker from where you can see some sample cakes as per your likes.


The cost of a cake is determined by the number of servings required and the complexity of the design. Sugar flowers can dramatically increase costs because they are handcrafted, time-consuming – and thus expensive. Fondant frosting costs more than buttercream frosting. Basically, the more effort it takes to bake the cake, the more expensive it will be.

Choose the correct size

The number and size of tiers determine how many people the cake can feed. Decide what size slices you need first. Ask the baker how many tiers you need, given the size of that slice. A three-tier cake usually serves up to 100 people. Larger weddings with 200 guests may require a five-tier cake. If you want a tall cake without too many levels, consider using columns in the middle of each level. Using columns to make the cake look larger is a great option.

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Frosting Options

For hot weather weddings, the fondant may be a better option than meringue, whipped cream, or buttercream, as it does not melt as much as these frosting. Those who like the taste of butter, but want the presence of fondant, should apply a frosting to the cake in butter before applying the fondant crust. When choosing a wedding cake, consider the colors. People do not want to eat a cake with frosting that will turn their tongue blue or green.

Consider the unusual flavors when choosing a wedding cake

Instead of trying to please everyone, choose the flavors you love best. The wedding cake represents you. So unless you love vanilla frosting with vanilla cake, opt for something different. Keep the season in mind. People consider certain flavors more suitable for summer, such as strawberries or blueberries, where others are more suited like autumn. Another option is to have different tastes of different levels. This makes it more likely to be something for everyone, but complicates the process of cutting and serving.

Know your wedding theme and style

The next thing is to determine the appearance of your wedding cake by choosing the correct theme, style and color schemes. For example, if you are having a rustic themed wedding then a semi-nude cake will suit your wedding aesthetics perfectly.

If you are having a traditional wedding, perhaps a classic white cake with minimal adornment would be best for the style of your day. Or, if you are adopting a more contemporary route then this is a good opportunity to get creative with the color choices and design of your cake. There are so many options and so many reputed bakeries! All you need to do is visit a novice bakers and order online cake delivery in Delhi or wherever you reside as per your theme. 

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Cake Tasting

Once you know what flavor you want for the cake, make the filling and frosting, establishing a flavor. You can then see how the cake will taste with different flavor combinations. Ask to taste four or five different flavors that sound good to you. The same flavor of cake can taste very different depending on who’s baking the cake. Even if you are getting a relatively simple flavor, taste it before choosing a wedding cake and committing to a baker. If you find a cake and its out of your price you can always make your own and use cake stencils to decorate it the way you want.  

So, we hope you will find these tips helpful and choose what’s best for your big day. Consider these above points and make your day special. Happy celebrations!

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