The best cities to visit a casino that aren’t Las Vegas


Whereas Las Vegas is probably the first city that comes to mind when you think of casinos, gambling, glitter and glamour, the world has more to offer than just Sin City. This list of casino destinations will open your eyes to the wonders of the world when it comes to cities that offer top-tier leisure activities. 

  • Monaco

When you seek vintage glam and have plenty of money to burn, Monaco is your destination of choice. Visit Casino de Monte-Carlo and experience the true meaning of luxury. Don’t forget to wear a tuxedo or evening gown upon crossing the threshold of this lavish estate as you’ll definitely be underdressed otherwise. Expect nothing less than high-end gambling in Monaco and indulge in everything this European microstate has to offer. 

  • Atlantic City 

This city in the North-American state of New Jersey is cramped with high-rise and is home to plenty of casino resorts like Borgata or Harrah’s. If casinos aren’t the only entertainment you seek, make sure to go dining at one of the celebrity chef restaurants, book a spa day in one of the enormous spas or visit the extravagant nightclubs. The city is located at sea so shake off your hangover on the beach while you enjoy the beautiful sunrise along the East Coast. 

  • New Orleans 

Staying in North-America, New Orleans is the third city on the list that is worth visiting when you enjoy the thrill of gambling or simply seek entertainment for days. This city in the South is packed with party bars and, perhaps not surprisingly, a popular destination for bachelor(ette) parties. Whether you want to test your luck at a table game or want to find a slot – New Orleans has options aplenty. 

  • Macau 
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Being called the Vegas of Asia, Macau has a reputation to hold high. However, it doesn’t fail in living up to this expectation. The city is popular among locals as well as tourists from around the world and offers a home to no less than two Michelin starred restaurants located in Wynn Resort. Expect abundance, extravagance and over-the-top everything. To top off your experience at Macau, visit the $2.4 billion Venetian Resort holding the largest casino in the world, 3,000 rooms, 24 bars and a life-size replica of the Venice canals in Italy including gondola rides. Try picturing that. 

  • Aruba 

For anyone enjoying both gambling and the tropical weather of the Caribbean, Aruba is the place. The island holds plenty of casinos including The Ritz Carlton. Here you’ll find anything ranging from slot machines and table games to sports betting and more. So enjoy your day at the beach while sipping from a large cocktail and hit the casinos as soon as the sun sets. 

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