How to access Icloud photos on Android?

How to access Icloud photos on Android?

Please note the Icloud storage and its media whether photos or videos or any other media files are not accessible to Android users. The Icloud storage cannot be accessed from the Android browser. In case you try to login from the Android browser you will find an error that presently your browser is not supported. The user will be redirected to the find my iphone page but it will not open the access to the files saved in the Icloud storage.

Access Icloud storage from Android:

We can follow the below steps to access Icloud photos on pc from an Android

  • Use Google Chrome on your Android device to access the photos on the Icloud or
  • Please tap the three dotted icon to access the desktop view or version of the Icloud website.
  • Please note that once this feature is enabled you can access Icloud photos on pc, videos and other media files stored on Icloud in a convenient way. The user can now login to the Icloud website with the Apple ID and Password when the website is enabled in a desktop view.
  • Once the website is accessed you can click on the photos and videos and other media files please click on download to download the files on the android device.

Drawbacks of Accessing the Photos from Android.

You are only able to view the photos by zooming in your Android device the full view of the original photo is not available to the user. The user gets access only to the photos available in the library the photos available in the albums are not accessible.

There is a feature called Do Trans this connects the Iphone and the Android phone. Once the phones are connected with each other, you can transfer the photos and videos to the Android phone.

Select all the photos from Icloud so that you can download the same on the Android device and access icloud photos on pc. Once the process of transfer is complete all the photos will be available on your Android device.

Icloud Photostream and Android phone:

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Icloud Photostream is a good and fruitful option to access photos from the Android phone. Please select the desired photo then press apply changes to save your settings. After downloading your photos on the computer transfer them on android through a USB cable. You can also transfer photos to Android by Whatsapp application, Bluetooth and share it application from you IOS device to Android device.

How to Transfer Photos from Icloud to Samsung Phone:

Please download an App called Mobile Switch from Android. Open the application in both devices. Tap the option Import from Then please sign in from the Icloud credentials. Press the continue option to import videos and photos from Icloud. Please tap the finish option then click on Icloud option. This helps you transfer photos to Icloud.

Further you can use the Airdrop feature or the Dropbox and Google drive to transfer these photos from Icloud to Android. Please note you need to use the desktop version of the website to access the photos on the Android device.

Disadvantages of an Android device & Icloud:

Please note Android device and Icloud are not compatible with each other. Third party applications need to be used to transfer photos and videos. The apple software has very stringent security policy. The photographs and videos are not of enhanced version while they are being viewed on the Android device. Albums created on Icloud device cannot be accessed through the Android device.

Access Icloud on Android Through Windows PC:

The windows pc can help you access Icloud photos on PC, Android device by downloading Icloud app on your PC then downloading the photos from Icloud on the PC and transferring them on the Android device.

It is very clear that Android is not a very compatible device for accessing the Icloud photos this process can be simplified by switching to options such as Bluetooth, What’sapp, and Share it application. The other option to transfer photos securely is download them on windows PC then transfer through a USB device. Another way to access these photos is transfer on the PC and upload the same on Google drive. Google drive can be accessed from any Android phone.

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Furthermore the picture quality of the photos and videos is lost. It does not give you the original quality in which it is clicked. Apple INC must work out a feasible solution and build an application which is compatible with an Android device. So far this solution has not been given by Apple because it wants more users to switch from Android to Apple. Instead of the consumer market shifting vice versa. The high security policy also prevents all the data being transferred from Icloud storage to Android.


Please enable desktop view of website to access Icloud photos on PC Android device. Take assistance from a window’s PC to enable photo transfer from Apple to Android. Apple users enjoy a wide range of services on the Icloud however unfortunately these services are not compatible with Android devices.

Icloud photos and videos can be accessed through the media such as Bluetooth and whatsapp application. The most convenient way identified is that Iphone can be connected with a data cable to a windows computer and the entire folder of photos can be copied on the android device.

A drawback identified is that Android and IOS applications are not compatible with each other. Hence accessing the Icloud library or photo is a very tedious task and an impossible task. Apple is yet to develop a compatible version of Icloud that can be accessed from Android.

A third party application such as Dotrans allows Iphone and other IOS devices to transfer photos and videos to Android phone.

All the above strategies and methods can be used to transfer photos and videos to Android. Please also note that the picture quality dips when you view the same in the Android phone or any other Android device.

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