Guide to follow when your Hp printer prints blank pages or not printing.

Hp printer not printing


Before talking about the easy to perform troubleshooting steps to prevent your Hp printer not printing in the future you must understand the causes behind it.Glance through the quick list of causes leading hp printer to print blank pages in the section below

A detailed guide to follow when your Hp printer prints blank pages.

HP printer an abbreviation Hewlett Packard for is an American company founded in 1984. Hp has dominated the market in terms of its demand and competitive prices and varieties that it has on offer. An indispensable part of our lives, printer has greatly impacted the literacy rate, now the readership has expanded to a much wider level than before. Reading was once an expensive business and it was limited to just a few privileged ones.Coming of the printing press in 1439 gave an impetus to the concept of printing. Required in almost every sphere of our everyday lives, the printer is commonly used in offices, one’s business, schools, at homes, etc.

There come times when you hit the print button and all you get are the blank pages. Ever wondered why this happens?Or heading to the repair shop is the first thing that comes into your mind?This writeup has been planned to assist you on the same.With the reasons and the easy troubleshooting steps given in the subsequent section, you will be able to easily fix the issue on your own.

Before talking about the easy to perform troubleshooting steps to prevent your Hp printer not printing in the future you must understand the causes behind it.Glance through the quick list of causes leading hp printer to print blank pages in the section below!

List of most probable reasons leading Hp printer to print blank pages.

  • Empty ink or toner cartridges.
  • Displacement of ink or toner cartridges from their original place.
  • Inaccurate size of the paper as per the paper tray.
  • The printhead’s clogged nozzles leading to the build-up of the blocked ink or toner cartridge.
  • Also as basic as the presence of blank pages in the document.

Now let us read through the troubleshooting steps one by one in the aforementioned section!

Troubleshooting methods to stop Hp printer from printing blank pages.

A.The ink levels in your ink cartridges might be depleted .Check for the same!: The ink levels in your ink or toner cartridges might be depleted since the last use and this might be the reason for your printer refusing to print.So ensure that your ink or toner cartridges have enough ink and immediately replace it when required.

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B.A dislodged cartridge may lead to printing of blank pages:An electrically disconnected ink cartridge to your Hp printer not printing may result in printing blank pages. To troubleshoot the same remove and reinstall the ink cartridge carefully.This step will complete the electrical circuit and you will receive normal prints as before.

C.An incorrect paper size may also lead to printing of blank pages:An incorrect paper size that you may have before might confuse the printer and may lead to printing blank pages. To change the paper size according to the print you require, follow the below steps.

  • First of all, go to the “Start” option and click on “Settings” and thereafter” printers”.
  • Right on your printer icon and select “Properties”.
  • Now click on the paper tab and select the paper size and you would like to use in the paper size box.
  • Lastly, click on “Ok” and close the printers folder.

D.The clogged nozzles may impede the flow of the ink: The problem of the clogged nozzle may occur due to the infrequent use of the printer.To unclog the nozzle and receive a fresh flow of ink, tap on the print head nozzle check option and clear out the clogged nozzles.This step will enable the machine to automatically remove the blockages and print afresh.

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E. Presence of blank pages in the document might also lead to printing blank pages.:While printing multi page document, there might be the presence of blank pages including the breakup sections .Make sure that you delete these blank pages before printing the entire document.

F.Printer might be requiring change of cartridge: Changing the old cartridge might be the solution to your printing issue.Have a look at the steps below to change the ink cartridge.

  • Start performing this troubleshooting step once your Hp printer is silent and idle.
  • Now open the cartridge door and remove the cartridge carefully.Be careful that you don’t disturb the contacts and nozzles.
  • Carefully remove the plastic tape
  • Now put the fresh cartridge into the printer.
  • Put the plain paper in the input tray.
  • Lastly, press the power button and turn on your Hp printer not printing to perform the printing teat.
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G.System using the wrong tray to print:

The printing function might get disturbed if the printer chooses the wrong printing tray to print. This can be rectified in both computer and printing system. In your computer system, select the application to set the right printing tray by selecting “Printer properties” and looking for the tray selection source. In the printing system ensure that the paper size in the control panel is just exactly to that in the paper trays.

H.An unaligned paper too may create a ruckus while printing:Make sure that the printing papers are properly aligned in the printing tray .Follow the steps below to perform the same.

  • First of all turn on the printer and load the papers for printing.
  • Now in the control panel,press the button present next to the setup icon.
  • Now as the next step, go to the “Tools” section and press “Ok”,
  • Choose the “Align printer” option and hit “Ok”.
  • Printer will now print the alignment page.
  • Lift up the lid of your printer and ensure that the papers are placed in the right front corner of your scanner glass.

Completing these steps may lead to printer printing in coloured or black ink.(Whatsoever you choose to.)

Please note: If even after performing the above-stated troubleshooting steps, you are still unable to get your printer print in inked words, feel free to contact the experts by reaching to their customer support phone number mentioned on the HP printer official website.

Make the most efficient use of the HP Printer Support Assistant option in your HP printer not printing system and for much comprehensive knowledge for our readers, I hope the above mentioned easy and useful tricks will come to your best use.

For more such helpful tech articles, keep reading this space and keep your self technologically updated!

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