E3’s Big Game Reveals

E3’s Big Game Reveals

This past year has certainly been exciting for gamers both experienced and newcomers alike, with a huge opportunity found for new players to explore a huge number of different genres as gaming has quickly become the primary form of entertainment for most – the changing audience found has meant that newer games like American express casinos top out the list as favourites, but big announcements from E3 have shown what the next generation of gaming will bring, but which have been the biggest game reveals and how well were they received?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – When the Nintendo Switch was first released, Breath of the Wild quickly became a huge hit and even now sits amongst the most sold games of all time with fans long awaiting news of a sequel, and that finally came with E3. There hadn’t been much news revealed about it, other than a small trailer that had been able to show some new features as well as the staples that made the original game so great too, but fans were granted with a potential release date of 2022, and we’ll get to see how far the Switch hardware has been stretched out between the first game and the second, and how much improvement has been made too.

Final Fantasy disappointment – With the remakes of Final Fantasy 7 having been received so well both on the original release and with the new Integrade release with the Yuffie expansion, and with the latest expansion to the Final Fantasy MMO being well received too, it seems the game series was on a high – until E3 that was. The new spin off; Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise, had become a bit of a meme during the livestreamed event with the opening lines being about “Chaos” and the repetition every fifteen seconds – it certainly took the wind out of the sails for the game, and may even do more harm to the series than good. Those who have tested the demo said they had a good experience, but the edgy approach may be a little too much for some, even those most dedicated fans of the series. 

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Elden Ring for early 2022 – The next big title from FromSoftware, the studio behind the dark fantasy favourites of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and in collaboration with the writer behind Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring was a hopeful announcement for many. It seems the blueprint that made the Souls games so successful will remain but with a story driven background too – the trailer was exactly what many fans were hoping for, and with some exciting additions to the game to it will be a huge seller and provide some huge fan service too.

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